Naya Taaza is an independent news, lifestyle, information, and entertainment-based blog website owned by Sachin Prajapati. Our team constitutes of passionate freelance writers who think some good texts can make a difference.

We emphasize the most important political and cultural narratives that are shaping contemporary India. Our core objective is to add critical insights to these stories through objective, analytical reporting, and fearless journalism.

Our commitment is to be truthful and impartial when presenting a story and allow readers to draw their own conclusions.

News that is tainted is worse than no news at all and it is something that you will never be able to find on our news blog.

Our content includes the latest trending news as well as tips on lifestyle and health provided by experts.

Our technology section will cover gadget reviews and the latest tech tips.

We will always be unbiased and never cover a story so as to favor any political party, caste, religion. Our stories will benefit humanity and spare no one’s misdeeds.

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