Bihar Elections: Be-Ware of Politics
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Manoj Tiwari may be boiling when he was removed from the BJP Chief role in Delhi. But, in November 2020, Tiwari’s song from Gangs of Wasseypur revived the electoral picture of Bihar. “Jiya Ho Bihar” was the pomp of the state during the Assembly Elections. The word “Politics” is in correlation with the state of Bihar. After the exit of Jagannath Mishra as CM, the state has never allowed anyone from the upper caste to be the head of the Government. So, the popularism has delivered dividends for Caste-based politics.

Knowing the UnKnowns:

Ask any Bihar-outsider about Bihar. Few terms will come to mind – corruption, loose bureaucracy, rigid caste driven society. Some so-called Scholars and Ecological Economists will say that in SDG Ranking, Bihar is sitting at the bottom. But the post-1960s born won’t know what Bihar delivered to India. To enhance the socio-economic indicators of the country, just after Independence, India devised land reforms. Vinoba Bhave was on the streets and walking through villages. But, before the Centre could bring Land Reforms, it was Bihar under its first CM who laid the reforms. The Political Scientists of today’s era give the credits of Reservation to PM VP Singh. But, the state of Bihar provided Reservation during the 1960s. One of the most Honest CMs, Shri Karpoori Thakur Ji gave reservations to the minority. The many “firsts” in the politics of the country comes from the state of Bihar.

Recording “Firsts” in Politics:

Gulzari Lal Nanda wanted to become the PM of this country. But his dream came in traces as interim PM. He held the post twice in 1964 and 1966. But this was not the first time that the government had elected its Interim Head. In the year 1961, when the first CM of Bihar, Shri Krishna Narayan Singh, died, Deep Narayan Singh became the first Interim Head of any Government. In 2013, many newspapers reported, “A CM defeated a sitting CM”. It was about Delhi’s elections. But Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was not the first CM to achieve this feat. It was the fifth CM of Bihar, who is popular among students Mayaprasad Sinha defeated the sitting CM K.B.Sahay from Patna West seat. Such tales tell the uniqueness of Bihar in Indian politics. 

Modern Bihar and 2020 Elections:

Modern Bihar deals in extreme and rigid casteism. The distribution of tickets itself tells the story. Amidst the pandemic, the voter turnout stood at 57.09℅. The election was held in three phases. It was the fight to gain 122 seats out of 243 to form the government. The “TheHindu” article by former CEC ECI S.Y.Quraishi gave accolades to ECI. They also increased the number of booths to maintain the norms of social-distancing. The female voted more than the male. The fate of 3623 candidates was finalized on 10th November 2020. NDA got the opportunity to form the Government after winning 125 seats. The MGB alliance won 110 seats. RJD was the largest party in the state to win the highest number of seats. The fall-out of LJP from the NDA alliance was termed as Vote Katwa. But, it was the people of Bihar who gave the mandate.

Ideological Conflict:

The COVID-19 decided the main parameter of the election. The course of 10 lacs job floated among the voters. To counter the same, Jungle Raj’s narration unveiled the rules of Goons once in Bihar. The most fascinating promise was the free delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. So, it shows the short-term mindsets and political vendetta that survives in the state.

What’s Next?

The Constitution empowers the Governor of Bihar to invite the largest alliance to form the Government. The “Dry-Bihar” Nitish Kumar took the oath fourth time as the Chief Minister. It was goodbye for Deputy CM, Sushil Modi. Tarakishore Prasad and Renu Devi became the new Deputy CM. Renu Devi also became the first woman to take the Deputy position. The Assembly’s first session will stardom 23rd November and will end on 29th November. Also, it becomes essential to understand what LJP does next. But, for the time being, the NDA alliance will run the state for the next five years.

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