Anu Agarwal: Aashiqui Actress Heart-Breaking Tale Erased 16 Years of Her Early Life

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Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by Poorwa Singh

Anu Agarwal now became a person who is facing the experiences of ‘life after death. That beautiful eyes shy girl from the 1990’s blockbuster movie ‘Aashiqui’, rose to the top of the world within a night. She was known as ‘the next thing’ in Bollywood. But Anu Agarwal who is unique in her manner is not the same person anymore. Anu was known for her courageous choices in the ’90s. She performed the role of a racy princess in Mani Kaul’s internationally applauded erotica film ‘The Cloud Door’ and worked in a flavoured condom advertisement in 1991. So, what happened to this speedy girl? What led her to leave the sparkling Bollywood industry and forced her to live the life of a monk at a very early age?

Anu Agarwal before the car accident

So what happened to this gorgeous actress in 1999 was explained in a story shared by Anu Agarwal herself.

After the Ashiqui movie, Anu was recognized in pictures like ‘Khalnayika’, ‘King Uncle’, ‘Janam Kundli’ which were outstanding. Anu vanished from the industry after performing these films. She had encountered an accident after which she was admitted to the hospital for 29 days. She had reached into a coma at that time. After getting out of the coma, she did not step back into Bollywood and made yoga her partner. Anu is a writer now. In one of her interviews, she explained the circumstances of that night. She said that “there was a director ( she didn’t want to disclose his name) who wanted to make a movie with me and brought a whiskey at that night to celebrate, and after our discussion, I felt dimmed and could not able to focus on things and met with an accident that completed the one book of my life so early”.

Anu Agarwal transformation after the car accident

Anu Agarwal never gives up. Anu attempted to walk on her feet, she tried and strived till she accomplished. At the time of her healing, she went through all sorts of energy. Doctors were surprised to see her recovery and she regained consciousness.

Anu Agarwal is single and lives in Bihar and practices Yoga at the Bihar school of yoga in Munger. In the year of 2015, Anu inscribed an autobiography titled Unusual- Memoir of a Girl who Came Back from the Dead” reciting her times in Bollywood and her tragic accident.

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