Kangana Ranaut manifested interesting story about the tattoo on her neck

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Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Priyanka Karmyal

Nowadays Kangana Ranaut has become active on social media and drawing more fans’ attention.  She is not just expressing her views on microblogging sites, but often sharing interesting things about her personal life. Recently she posted a picture of her neck tattoo, on twitter. More than a decade ago she inked two wings on the nape of her neck but they didn’t make any sense, after rectification, the tattoo got its final look.

She tweeted: “More than a decade ago I got two wings on the nape of my neck but they didn’t make any sense, after a few months I added a crown, still, it wasn’t enough, then I pierced it all with a sword suddenly my tattoo came alive, glory cames only after the pain. She shared a picture of the tattoo.


While actress being more active on social media and has been entertaining her fans. Apart from that, she is going to be back on the big screen soon with her upcoming film Thalaiva. The shooting of  Jayalalithaa biopicThalaivi” was stopped due to lockdown in march but now going to be wrapped up. Along with this, the Kangna Ranaut will start shooting for her next movie Tejas this year in December. We can see her as an air force officer in this film.

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