PUBG Re-entering India After Serving a Ban

PUBG Re-entering India
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After serving exile of almost two months, PUBG is re-entering India. PUBG Mobile Corporation has decided to launch PUBG Mobile India. The design of PUBG Mobile India is for Indian consumers and game players. The ban on PUBG started on 2nd September 2020. MeitY banned it with other 117 mobile apps for having Chinese connections.

Why it was banned?

The recent Sino-Indian tension at the northern borders triggered many decisions. MeitY, in two tranches, decided to remove several Chinese mobile apps. The fear of data loss and breach of privacy led to the decision.

Why PUBG is popular among Indians?

As per the reports, in the year 2019, there were 33 to 50 million PUBG players in India. In the year 2020, July month recorded 175 million downloads of PUBG in India. The game attracted all kinds of age bracket in the country. So, the figure itself talks about its popularity. PUBG wants to increase its outreach in India. The revenue PUBG extracts from India is mammoth 41 million USD. This can go higher after it makes a re-entry in India. PUBG is also popular because of the fancy cash prize-based tournaments. They conduct these tournaments from time to time to engage their gamers. Hence, they build an aura of fun with gamers.

Recent Announcement:

PUBG announced that it is going to launch a localized version of the PUBG game. It will also create an Indian branch. Also, it will hire around 100 people. They will be there to deal with business, e-sports, and game development. PUBG will also establish a local office for operations. So, to bring more Indian taste, PUBG has evolved a lot. It includes a new virtual simulation training ground. Apart from this, the automatic clothing of new characters is available. Also, it will provide green hit effects to reflect the virtual nature of the game.

Making Re-entry possible & Aftermath:

The South Korean company revoked the distribution from the Chinese Tencent Games. Tencent Games distributed PUBG in the Indian market. With the re-entry, it is coming with more excitement. Yet, there is no announcement about the launch date. But, one can speculate it within a few months. So, get ready for the excitement bash with the upcoming version of PUBG.

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