The Kashmir Files and the Controversy Surrounding The Kapil Sharma Show

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Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by admin

For the past few days, Twitteratis have had mixed reactions to The Kashmir files and The Kapil Sharma show controversy.
#Thekapilsharmashow and #thekashmirifiles were trending continuously for a few days. The famous Indian stand-up comedy and celebrity talk show, The Kapil Sharma Show broadcast by Sony Entertainment has had quite a tough time on Twitter.

So, what the controversy was, is all about?

The Kashmiri Files, the movie which was released on the 11th of March, showcases the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits during the Kashmir insurgency, starring Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty etc, and directed by Vivek Agnihotri.
People anticipated that the movie might not do very well at the box-office as it was released in parallel with Gangubai Kathiawadi starring Alia Bhatt, and Radhe Shyam starring Prabhas, these two movies were already doing pretty well at the box office. But, to everyone’s surprise, when the Kashmiri Files hit the theatres, it performed really well exceeding everyone’s expectations

So, The Kashmir files and Kapil Sharma show controversy which erupted recently when one of the Twitteratis asked Vivek Agnihotri, the director of the movie, why The Kashmiri Files was not promoted in The Kapil Sharma Show as almost every movie does its promotion on he talk show.
To which, Vivek Agnihotri replied with his tweet that he was not invited to the show by Kapil Sharma since his movie did not star any “big commercial actor/actors”. After which there was a huge outburst, from calling Kapil Sharma an anti-national to many even calling for the boycott of the show.

Are these allegations against The Kapil Sharma Show actually true?

Not really, if you look at the responses given by Kapil Sharma and Anupam Kher, it looks like it was not really Kapil Sharma who decided to not call the casts of The Kashmiri Files to his show.

So, what did Kapil Sharma, the TV host have to respond to these allegations made against him by Vivek Agnihotri?

To a reply to Mr Kunwar S Rathore, Kapil Sharma from his Twitter handle said that the allegations made against him are not true and that there is no point in giving any explanation since many have accepted whatever has been fed to them, and as an experienced social media user in a suggestion to Mr Rathore, he said, never to believe in one-sided stories in today’s social media world.

What was Anupam Kher’s response to the social media outburst against Tha Kapil Sharma Show and Kapil Sharma?

Anupam Kher comes as the saviour of Kapil Sharma, as he finally clears the air regarding the controversy, The Kashmiri Files starer, Mr Anupam Kher, when asked about the matter, he said that he was invited to the Show by the Kapil Sharma team but it was he who refused to go on the show.

The reason Anupam Kher said to the Times Now was – “To be very honest, I was called to be on the show aur maine mere manager to kaha tha ke yeh film badi serious hai, main iss mein nahi jaa sakta (I told my manager that this film is on a serious subject given that I can’t go to the show). So, I want to put my point over here that yeh 2 mahine pehle ki baat hai (This is a two months old incident). Toh mujhe laga ki main jab bhi 2-4 baar uss show mein jaa chukka (I have been to the show about 2-4 times), it’s a funny show and it’s very difficult to do a funny show and he does it very well. I don’t think Kapil has any malice towards us or towards the film. To be very honest with you, I don’t think that is the thing.”

After Anupam Kher’s statement to the Times Now, Kapil Sharma put out a tweet thanking Anupam Kher, “Thank you paji ⁦⁦@AnupamPKher for clarifying all the false allegations against me.”

The tension surrounding The Kashmir files and Kapil Sharma show controversy seems to have lessened a bit since Anupam Kher’s statement, but the hate that The Kapil Sharma Show and Kapil Sharma received before that was very uncalled for.

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