Happy Guru Purnima 2020: Wishes, Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Messages

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Last Updated on July 5, 2020 by admin

Happy Guru Purnima 2020: The year 2020 has been amazing from the astronomy aspect and for the second time Lunar Eclipse is going to occur and with this astronomical event, another important is occurring which is Guru Purnima. This day marks the birth of great sage Ved Vyasa who is credited as the creator of Hindu holy book Mahabharata, that’s why Guru Purnima is observed as Vyas Purnima.

This day is dedicated to pay tribute to all teachers whether spiritual and academics as they provide their beneficial teaching for the enlightenment and upliftment of the society via their students.

This day falls on full moon day of Hindu calendar month Ashadha (June-July). This year it is being celebrated on 5th July. To showcase your gratitude towards your beloved teachers we are providing you with a handful list of wishes and quotes.

Happy Guru Purnima Wishes

Happy Guru purnima images 2020
Happy Guru purnima images 2020

“When one finds the true guru then one conquers the world” Happy Guru Purnima!

“You are not just my teacher but you are my mentor, my coach and my philosophical friend” So Thank You for coming in my Life! Shubh Guru Purnima

“Experience Is the biggest teacher but you above experience for me” Happy Guru Purnima To All My Teachers!

“I have become a teacher for someone else because I had you as my first teacher when I knew nothing” Happy Guru Purnima

“I thank my all teachers for making me write, learn, read and do whatever in my life and be the best at it as they taught all of it” Shubh Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes

Happy Guru Purnima Quotes
Happy Guru Purnima Wishes

“If you had only one teacher for entire life then you are the lucky student to learn everything”

“Student cannot make their teachers teach anything unless they are not willing to learn from it”

“Teachers know the syllabus but it is the only student who decides which lesson to learn first”.

“If you never had any teacher in this world you are the unluckiest not become even a learning student”

“You are the light which is found at the end of the tunnel where only darkness seems to prevail”

We hope you celebrate this Sanatani festival with a full spirit of positivity, respect, harmony, and dedication with your beloved teacher. Shubh Guru Purnima!

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