What Are Green Crackers And Their Benefits ?

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Green crackers are here to save the day!

Every year Diwali festival gives us beautiful memories but, it also leaves behind a severe pollution concern that lasts for days. This year, the Supreme Court of the country has passed an order to keep a check on cracker usage with ‘Green Crackers’ and has bound it to a deadline. While the environmentalists feel it is justified, the cracker-enthusiasts find it totally unreasonable.

How are ‘Green Crackers’ different from conventional firecrackers?

Firecrackers are explosive materials that produce noise and fire; they are filled with many toxic metals like strontium, barium, and gases like polychlorinated hydrocarbons, these are harmful to us.  Whereas green crackers have nitrogen-rich nitrocellulose that causes less smoke and chemical mixture hence they emit less toxic gases. The fireworks nowadays are turning into a smokeless chemical less and noiseless product. The best thing about green crackers is that they produce less smoke, sulphur and potassium nitrate which helps us in maintaining environmental balance.

What are the stats saying?

According to WHO’s database more than 4,000 cities across the globe show that Delhi’s pollution level has improved slightly in between the year 2010-2014 which is nowhere near the safety level. According to Air Quality Index between 0-50 air is considered “Good”, 51- 100 “Satisfactory”, 101-200 “Moderate”, 201-300 “Poor”, 301-400 “Very Poor” above that “Severe”. Delhi’s AQI has slid to ‘Very Poor’ level in the past two days.

The concerns are the rising health issues in the elderly and kids due to air pollution-related ailments like respiratory diseases, Asthma etc. According to the reports, 20 to 25% of children suffer from respiratory infections from a very early age. The data is alarming and needs our immediate attention. In such a state of affairs, even the smallest steps can bring in some noticeable changes.

The benefits of green crackers:

Here are some bright aspects of reducing the usage of crackers and opting for low emission green crackers:

1. SMOG free

Not too long ago we saw how the capital was blanketed by dense and harmful smog. The pollution level after Diwali generally rises up to 30% due to bursting crackers. Imagine if it’s that harmful to us, how hazardous it can be for our kids.

2. Less harmful gases in the air

After burning such a significant volume of crackers the environment loads up with harmful carbon, nitrous oxide, and other toxic gases. It lowers our immunity & respiratory system.

3. Less garbage

As PM started “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” as a movement to keep the country clean, reducing the usage of firecracker can be a significant contribution towards this worthy cause.

4. Safe for cattle and pets

Our dogs, cows, and birds get harmed the most due to, loud noise and excessive pollution. They tend to get scared and sick due to such inhuman activities.

5. Fewer fire-related accidents

Every year after Diwali we hear about the many accidents that ensued because of firecrackers and these can be avoided with a bit of awareness and caution.

Supreme Court Order

The decision enforced by the Supreme Court makes it a compulsion for everyone to follow it. If we are not willing to take these positive steps the gradual environmental degradation happening around us would multiply tremendously and affect our future generations as well.

In the end remember, celebrations are about making happy and bright memories with your loved ones, loud noises and dense smoke isn’t the only way to celebrate this pious festival. This Diwali let us take a vow to go green and keep our environment clean!

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