Top 10 Most Strong Women in the World

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What would be this planet looked like without its half population of homo sapiens which is mostly represented by man body in our books, museum and magazines etc. This birth-giving body is keep calling by the names of mother, sister and wife contains full of emotions but emerged as the most intelligent, caring, hardworking, enthusiastic and don’t know what else is left to describe women in society.

Not only their role in the film industry as actresses or as homemakers in our houses but they always emerge as the best scientist, doctor, politician, and mechanic and even they have touched the heights above the stars. 

According to world economic forum in 2020, data estimate states that women work in every field of UN agencies can bring peace and harmony in this world with their better working capabilities to encourage people into this mankind to maintain a strong feeling of brotherhood to make this world as a better place where we can raise our children freely without any fear.

What are these women? Who are they? What are their roles in this society? These are all the questions comes in our mind, so let’s take a look into our top ten strong women in this world who changed the definition of old age stereotype thoughts.

According to Hindu Vedic text, The divine is extremely happy where women are respected. Where they are not, all actions are fruitless.

Here are the top ten strong women in the world who changed the thinking of people in every aspect of life and gave new hope for the better world.

1. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

A lady who always keeps a beautiful smile on her face like a jewel is the first female chancellor of the one of the most powerful nation Germany since 2005.

  • As a young lady, she had started her career as minister for women and youth in 1990 and from that day she never looked back.
  • She gave hope to Europe’s gravest refugee crises to settle by open her country’s border for almost a million refugees in such humanitarian crises in 2015. And she was also responsible to check the tracks of economic crises faced by Germany.

2. Kamla Harris 

Kamla Harris

About a century ago, women all around the world had no right to vote and condition were even worsened for people if they don’t belong to their skin color criteria but this rational thinking is uprooted by a woman who became the vice president of the world most strong democratic country United States of America. 

  • Being the first female vice president of U.S. history she celebrates the ancestry of both Indian Tamil and Afro Jamaican but also the highest-ranking female ever elected in the white house.
  • She became the second African American woman and the first South Asian American to serve in the United States Senate.  
  • In 2013 she was one of the “100 most influential people in the world” by times.

3. Alice Walton

Among the richest tycoons in the world, she secured the position of world’s richest businesswoman and changing all the sedative ideas that women cannot do well in business. 

  • Alice Walton started her career by engraving the stone of crystal bridges museum of American art in 2011 and worked as chairwoman of the museum’s board of directors. 
  • She had placed her foot in Time magazine in 2012 as one of the most influential people in the world and commissioned into the international women’s forum hall of fame in 2018.
  • Her main concern to expand and energize quality educational opportunities that can be reaching to every individual in need.

4. Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern

A highly energetic, Achiever, motivator and revolutionary prime minister of New Zealand currently serving her second term from the centre-left labour party in 2020.

  • Her work for housing crises, poverty and child labor, social inequality is highly appreciable.
  • She emerged as the comforting leader towards a shocked nation due to mass shooting at a mosque in Christchurch and for that she introduced strict gun law.
  • Her role to secure the nation from the volcanic eruption at white island also known as Whakaari and make new Zealand as corona free country in 2020 placed her as one of the strongest political identity and woman in the world.
  • Forbes placed her at 38 among the 100 most powerful women in the world 2019. She was shortlisted for time’s person of the year in 2019. Due to her advanced role in a pandemic, she achieved the place of second greatest thinker for the covid-19 era by Prospect.

5. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

A highly talented personality born on Indian soil acquired great success in India’s biopharmaceutical industry. She is an Indian billionaire entrepreneur and businesswoman started her career from industrial enzyme company to fully integrated innovation-led biopharmaceutical enterprise.

  • She is recognized as a global thought leader for biotechnology and made her gateway in the world’s self-made woman billionaire. 
  • In 1989, she was awarded Padamshri, Padam Bhushan in 2005, fortune’s top 25 most powerful women in Asia pacific and awarded Othomer gold medal for outstanding contribution to the progress of science and technology. 

6. Susan Wojcicki 

Susan Wojcicki

A story started with a home where discovery had made, that changed the world of the internet in a day. This story is about young Wojcicki native of silicon valley who rented her garage to two young Stanford doctorate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were working to give effect the dreams of many people and we all know by its name as search engine Google.

  • She was also among the founding fathers of Google and in 1999; Wojcicki joined the Google team as its 16th employee. She was also worked as the company’s first marketing manager which was fueled by her master’s degree in economics. 
  • Today she is the longest-tenured CEO of YouTube and serving since 2014. In Forbes world’s 100 most powerful women and she was among one of them making the women all over the world proud in the technology sector.
  • As a humble person and mother of five children, she is currently advocating the maternity leave for women in the corporate sector.

7. Lady Gaga

How can someone not familiar with the melodious voice of a charming lady who can hold the breath of millions just by her dulcet voice? Her name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and a businesswoman.

  • Lady Gaga started her career by the album name ‘the fame’. She was one of the only 20 students in the world to receive the honour of early acceptance in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts
  • Because of her hard work, she won 11 Grammy awards, An Academy Award, BAFTA award, 18 MTV video music awards and various Guinness of world records. She received Golden Globe award for an American horror story and an Oscar nomination.

8. Wangari Maathai

A continent where education is scarce, poverty is high and food availability is low, there emerged a woman who gained higher education in the western world but wanted to settle in her own country for her people. First African women in east and central Africa who received her doctorate degree for the cause of needy people. Wangari Maathai hailed from Kenya and Founded the green belt movement which is consistently focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation and women’s right.

  •  A former parliamentarian and First African women and first environmentalist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her “contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace” in 2004.
  • She is internationally recognized for her contribution in the struggle to obtain democracy, human rights and environmental conservation and being a renowned environmentalist she addressed the UN on several occasions.

9. Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad

A 19 years old village girl from a happy farming family living with her brothers and sisters opened her eyes on an  Afternoon with full of tears because she knows her family and her village is destroyed by an attack from Islamic state and she has no idea what her life is taking her. This girl was taken prisoner and constantly raped and humiliated by multiple men but her brave soul can’t surrender to these soulless creatures and she had managed to escaped and make her way to the refugee camp where she moved to Germany.

  • Nadia Murad is the founder of Nadia’s initiative to help women and children who are victims of the terrors of genocide, mass atrocities and human trafficking and for the betterment of their future life so they can heal and rebuild themselves. 
  • She is the first Iraqi and Yazidi to received Nobel peace prize in 2018 and Sakharov prize in 2016.

10. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Do you remember Jane from the Disney movie Tarzan where she moved to the jungle and studied chimpanzees is inspired by the real-life Primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall? A notebook in her hand and binoculars around her neck with a heart full of spirit is the identity of Jane Goodall where she opened a window of a new world, a world of chimpanzees. 

  • She worked in research on the behavior of primates and their life in Tanzania for 50 years and their conservation due to decline in their numbers.
  • The mass scale deforestation of rainforest,  wildfires and palm tree farming by various commercial companies which are the main cause for the diminishing numbers of chimpanzees. 
  • She is the founder of Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & shoots programme. She was named a UN messenger of peace in 2002.

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