India Has Not Reached The Stage Of Community Transmission Of COVID-19 Pandemic: ICMR
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Last Updated on June 12, 2020 by admin

Community Transmission COVID-19 Pandemic: Is the corona community spreading or not happening in India? This was a big question for the last few days. Now, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMar) has made it clear with the data that the country is not yet in the third stage of coronavirus or community spread. However, the ICMR has also stated that large sections of the population are still at risk of Covid-19 infection.

ICMR has conducted serosurvey in 83 districts to assess the exact status of coronavirus. Of these, 0.73 percent of the population has been exposed to the first exposure to the coronavirus. The ICMR stated that the serosurvey showed that the steps taken to control lockdown and infection were successful in controlling the coronavirus.

ICMR director-general Balaram Bhargava said, “India is a very large country and the spread (of Corona) is very low. India is not in commutation transmission. ”He said that we will have to continue to investigate, detect people who have come in contact with infected people, maintain effective surveillance, and implement a strategy to stop Covid-19.”

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ICMR has stated that there are cases of Covid-19 (20.77) per one lakh population in India, while the global average is 91.67. The mortality rate from coronavirus infection in India is 0.59 per one lakh population.

In this press conference, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Love Agarwal said that today the recovery rate of the country is 49.21 percent. At present, the number of patients recovering is more than the active patients of Coronavirus, which can be said to be a relief.

Two days ago, the Delhi government created panic by saying that the community transmission has been done in Delhi and by the end of July the figure of 5.5 lakh coronavirus cases will reach here. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had also said that the community has spread in Delhi and the cases of coronavirus will continue to increase wildly here.

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