10 Effective Ways To Get Over A Traumatic Breakup

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Last Updated on June 17, 2022 by admin

As we all know that breakups are bad, it makes us do terrible things and it destroys our mental health. So here I am discussing 10 effective ways in which you can get over a terrible breakup.

If it is you who got dumped or you who dumped him/her, it is important to get over the breakup and move on with your life, and that is not going to happen if you keep thinking and relying on the past. To move on with your life, you will have to let go of the past.

Acceptance is what will lead you to move on with your life, so accept that what is over is over and move ahead with life. I am sure someone better will be awaiting.

So, here are the 10 effective ways to get over a traumatic breakup.

1. Remove The Memories:

 Each person has their different ways to deal with breakups, but most of the time they do not even know what are the ways that are available to them. So, for a starter you can start with removing the physical memories of your ex from your life, that will give you some sort of relief and might take some of your pain away. Delete their pictures, chats, videos, and if possible their number as well.  If you do not look at their memories, again and again, it will be easier for you to move on, you will not get reminded of them every once in a while.

2. Get back to your hobby

Every time we get into a relationship we leave behind a lot of things that are dear to us, for example, if you loved doing something you had to compromise on that to make time for your partner. But, now that it is over with him/her then you can go back to the things that you loved doing. You can get back to your old hobbies or can just simply rediscover new ones. It will give you much joy and keep you distracted.

3. Get Professional Help

As I mentioned before, people have different ways to deal with things. If you are someone who is stuck with the memories of your ex, you feel anxious, chronically sad, and if you can not stop overthinking, then therapy is a good place, to begin with, but make sure you go to a professional therapist and not use your friends or family as one.

How to get over a traumatic breakup
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4. Travel if and when you can

Travelling can be a great remedy to come out of the breakup phase. Staying in one place might bring back memories of your ex, and memories are messy and painful especially when the memories are there but the person is not. It is during this time that you should travel and explore places, it will clear your head and give it some air. And that will speed up your healing process.

5. Tell your friends to not mention your ex

Breakups are hard, and the constant mentions of your ex would make it even harder. If your friends keep bringing up your ex in every other conversation then you need to set some boundaries with them. Tell them that you are not comfortable talking about your ex and that it hurts you. I hope they listen to you when you set boundaries if not then you will have to make some distance with these friends as well.

6. Prioritise Yourself

In relationships, we often forget to prioritise ourselves and we pour all our love and affection on our significant other, but now is the time when you start putting yourself first. Give time to yourself, pamper yourself, take yourself to dates, movies, museums etc, and spend quality time with yourself. These activities will boost your confidence and will speed up your recovery process, and you will learn to put yourself above others.

7. Take a Break from Social Media

Staling our Ex’s social media after a breakup is almost like a ritual that everyone follows, so I bet you would be no different. Stalking your ex and getting life updates about them would only make things worse and it will slow down your recovery process. Sometimes, we can not help but keep going back to social media to stalk our ex, to prevent yourself from doing all this, deactivate all your accounts for a while. You will see it will do wonders to your mental health.

8. Get Rid of their stuff

The stuff in the form of gifts, and letters from your Ex that you have with you will work as triggers, they will constantly remind you of your ex which will only aggravate your already hurt heart. So get rid of their stuff, return them or donate them or you can also sell them.

9. Bond with your Old friends

We often keep our friendships aside after getting into a relationship, but friends are actually the ones who stand by us through our thick and thin. So get back to your friends if you had cut ties with them, and make amends. Friends always come around and understand you. They will listen to your vents and support you throughout this ordeal.

10. Give yourself time

Breakups are brutal and you need time to get over them. It will hurt for a while but you will get over it. All you need is to be patient and do things to get over it. So, do not be too hard on yourself.

11 effective ways to get over a traumatic breakup

11. Focus on your Career

If you were distracted and could not focus on your career for a while, then this is the time that you need to rechannel all your negative energy to a positive side and get something good out of it. Start working for what you want in your life, be focused and work hard for it. Your goal will keep you distracted which will definitely help in moving forward.

Breakups are bad, no doubt about it, we all go through it and feel that the pain is never-ending, that our life will never be the same again, but with time we get over it and start all over again. So, give yourself time, and take good advantage of your time and soon you will be out of it.

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