10 Effective Ways to Impress Girls

10 effective ways to impress a girl
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Girls might seem difficult to please, but trust me, there are ways to impress girls, and it is not as difficult. And this is coming from a woman only, so more reason for you to trust me. 

If you give them your undivided attention, care, and love, they are pretty much satisfied. 

Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s love can not be bought with luxurious or fancy gifts. They want to be cared for and loved. And, anyway, you never know what a certain woman expects you to be or what impresses her, so all you can do is try various ways to try and impress and see what works for you.

Now that you are here for a while, let us get into the real job and help you get a girlfriend.

Here I am mentioning 10 effective ways to impress girls.

1. Respect her and women in general  

Respect is one of the foundations of any relationship. Respect her as a woman, as an equal, and do not respect only her while you disrespect other women because that will just prove you to be a hypocrite. If you want to criticize some of her actions, by all means, do it, but remember to do it politely. If you are someone who curses a lot, then minimize that, especially the misogynistic slurs.

2. Compliment her whenever dims fit

One of the effective ways to impress a girl is by complimenting her. Everyone loves a well-structured compliment. It makes them feel special, appreciated, and mattered. And women are no different. Women like all sorts of compliments, compliments on their looks, dressing sense, hair, etc. More than anything, women love it when you compliment their wit. Tell her she is smart, tell her she is talented, tell her you like her sense of humor, and that she can be a great role model for the younger generation. Do not overdo it. Compliment her whenever it deems fit.

3. Make Her Laugh

One of the best ways to impress a woman is by making her laugh, girls love laughing. It brings the best out of them. You never know what someone is going through, especially women. They have to face so many hardships in and outside of the house, so if you succeed in making them laugh, that might make their day, and you will end up impressing them. Whatever you do, do it genuinely, do not fake anything.

4. Be a Good Listener

One of the ways to show respect to a woman is by listening to her. Girls love good listeners, and it shows that you respect and value whatever they have to say. Moreover, being a good listener also shows that you care for them. You are interested in what they have to say. Make sure you give your full attention while listening to them, do not only listen but also remember the minor details. Girls love it when you remember stuff about them.

5. Be a Gentleman

It might sound a bit cliche but trust me. It always works when it comes to impressing girls. Be a gentleman. Respect her, respect her opinion, listen to what she says, and give her due credit and compliments. Take her consent before you do anything for her.

6. Be Curious

Whenever you are around her, ask her questions, show her that you are interested in knowing things about her, and show her you are curious and that she is interesting.
In a world full of people who only talk about themselves, you turn the tables and talk about her, make her the center of everything. That will make her feel valued and respected.
Also, remember to remember what she says. Girls love it when you remember stuff about them, as I said before.

7. Groom yourself well

Groom yourself properly. Not only the way you dress but the way you carry yourself as well. 
Do not dress up as a homeless person. Dress up well. Girls do care about the way you dress; it makes them feel special because they think that you dress well for them. Also, if you care what they are wearing and what they look like, they obviously would care too.

8. Stand up for her

We know that girls go through many restrictions and limitations, and all they ever seek is a bit more support and freedom. During the times when she is going through some hardships in her life, make sure to stand by her and support her. Text her if she reached home safe after your meeting. If and whenever possible, drop her at home. These minutes things make a huge difference.

9. Do not be desperate

I know when we like someone, we cannot wait to make them impressed or cannot wait for them to like us back, so we do and say impulsive things out of nervousness, thinking that might make them like us, but it does not play out the way we think it to.  So, do not overthink things or overdo anything. Take it slow, and do not be desperate. 
Give them and yourself some space. It takes time for someone to like you back, so be patient.

10. Be Straightforward

Girls do not like boys who go round and round without telling what they really want from them. So if you know you like her, then go ahead and say it without beating around the bush. Remember, it is a cliche, but the best key to the initiation of a good relationship is communication. Communicate well, and you shall be fine. Tell her you like her, tell her what it is about her that you like, tell her everything in detail. Trust me, girls appreciate honesty over everything else.

These are some of the tips and tricks to impress a girl. Of course, there can be many more. You can always send cute gifts and funny memes to win their heart, but these are secondary. 

Remember to be respectful and gentle around girls if you want to achieve what you want.

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