5 Highly Effective Safety Tools A Woman Must Carry With Her

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Last Updated on June 17, 2022 by admin

Personal safety has become an important issue, especially for women. Whether you live in a city or in a small town if you drop your guard, there will be someone waiting to take advantage of you. The rising figures of crime against women have added to the fear and concern. 

It is always important to pay attention to your surroundings and being alert can save you from miscreants. Some of the safety tools can also save you from dangerous situations and they are easy to carry also.

Below are some safety tools you can use to save yourself from miscreants

1. Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick pepper spray just looks like a lipstick and it is easy to carry and fit in a purse. This is a perfect and inconspicuous weapon for your safety.

2. Lipstick Security Flashlight

It is small enough to slide in your hand and purse. It comes with a bright flashlight, this light can be seen from yards away. This handy self-defence tool can fit on your keychain. Women looking for an inconspicuous weapon will find this useful. 

3. Pepper Spray Gun

Pepper Spray gun is an accurate and effective self-defense appliance. It can cause an intense burning sensation to the skin and leaves a long-lasting residue.

4. Personal Alarm Whistle

This personal Alarm whistle is the ultimate personal protection for women. This safety alarm can make an extremely loud sound to draw attention to protect you from danger. This device is small and you can use it as a keychain. It comes in a variety of bright, popping colours.

5. Survival Bracelet with Knife Blade

This bracelet is unique because it has a hidden knife for your protection. It comes with a blade that is integrally moulded which will help you in emergency situations.

6. Safe and Smart Pendant

Safer Smart Jewellery keeps you safe and connected to your family and friends. You can send alerts to your family and friends by double-clicking the safer device attached to the pendant in case of emergency.

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