Fully Covered Dresses for Girls: Checkout these Stylish Clothes Trends?

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Last Updated on August 29, 2022 by admin

Whoever said that the only way to look stylish and sexy is to wear short clothes definitely didn’t know these outfits but you do! ? You will also look stunning wearing these fully covered dresses.

Well, we all can’t manage to wear short clothes since we all have corporate forums to work in where it isn’t allowed. Colleges to go where short clothes are a big no. Sometimes it’s the unwanted attention which makes it really awkward for us or else it’s our parents concern towards us as we women keep on traveling and working alone all by ourselves. Yes, we’re all independent but the stares and comments are really intolerable.

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish ways to dress up without fully covered being a problem, you’ve just come to the right place.

1. Flare pants/jeans

stylish girl wearing flare pant pair with white top

Flare pants are my personal favourite as they’re really comfortable and don’t make you sweaty and exhausted even if you wear them the whole day. You can wear a wear a crop top with it or a sexy bralette and if that makes you a little uncomfortable then go for a shrug or a denim or big loose jacket on the top. Go for bold and bright coloured flares like blue, yellow and pink and pair it up with white crop tops to get the super cute look. Style it with a statement bag, wear big hoop earrings and go for reals or even normal cute chappals.

2. Maxi dresses

beautiful girl in Maxi dresse

Maxi dresses are just the go-to for every girl be it anything. They make you look beautiful, elegant and awesome all at the same time without you going for short dresses if you’re conscious about it. To make it to look complete, pair it with sunglasses and heels or lace up shoes. You can go for maxi dresses under which you can wear plain bright coloured tees, this look is really stylish and hot and gives you the total bomb look. You can style it with hoop earrings or your favourite oxidised jewellery.

For the footwear, you can for black or beige coloured heels or boots!

3. Long dungarees

young woman wearing fully covered dress Long dungarees

Dungarees are just the winner this year! Be it winter or summer, it goes with every season. You can go for black, white or denim dungarees and combine them with a crop top, loose top or a singlet itself. Dungarees also come in different prints and textures, you can go for them to look a bit different and quirky and pair them up with plain tops!

For footwear go for sneakers!

4. Palazzo pants

A girl wearing Palazzo pant

Palazzo pants are the new in thing, which comes as both a stylish and a comfortable wear. These are of different types – there are plain ones, ones with patterns and ones which fit for your party wear. Plain crops tops, singlets and even formal shirts can be worn with the palazzo pants with patterns or stripes, style them with kitten heels or normal heels. Crop tops, singlets with some work or laced tops are the best to wear with plain dark or bright coloured palazzos. Style them with chokers, beaded necklaces, oxidised jewellery or big hoop earrings.

For footwear, go for heels or simple chappals.

5. Long slit skirts

Long slit skirts

Long slit skirts are just the perfect go-to bottom wear if you want to look hot but haven’t waxed your legs or want to be fully covered or have to wear something trendy to your office. Pair your long slit skinny or loose skirts with crop tops or formal shirts. Style it with danglers, hoop earrings and wear heels and stilettoes to get the perfect look.

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