COVID-19 Vaccine: Pfizer Sputnik Covaxin & Challenges

COVID-19 Vaccine news
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COVID-19 is the new realm of the sphere in which we are living. Mr. Big B’s voice is reciprocating over the calls, “Jab Tak Dawai Nahi, Tab Tak Dhilai Nahi.” It signifies that the need for Coronavirus Vaccine is a must. Any update on the vaccine trials is like new hope. But, concepts like vaccine nationalism is giving fear to the public and low-income countries.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Pfizer and Sputnik

Worldwide two vaccines have shown commendable results. They are Sputnik and Pfizer. Sputnik and Pfizer offer 92% and 95% efficacy. In Sputnik, 20000 people got one dose, and 16000 got two doses. For Pfizer, 43000 enrolled for the trial. Both the medicines are hovering the fronts of the cold war. Pfizer is seeking Emergency approval in the US. In India, Reddy’s (DRL) is making sure the entry of Sputnik. Other countries like Venezuela, UAE, Egypt, and Brazil will join the clinical trials of Sputnik V

COVID-19 Vaccine: Covaxin

On the other side, Anil Vij, the state Health Minister of Haryana, gets a trial dose of India-made Covaxin. Covaxin is Bharat Biotech and ICMR’s indigenously-developed to tackle COVID-19. Bharat Biotech announced the commencement of phase-3 trials of Covaxin. There will be around 20000 volunteers who will participate during the third trial. But, one of the conditions is that the minimum age of volunteers should be 18 years. Even those who had been tested positive are also not eligible to participate in this. Covaxin is also a potential candidate in Brazil, the third-most hit from the pandemic. 

Challenges Ahead

With so many candidates on the card, many parameters will endorse an honest effort to ensure better delivery of vaccines. Developed countries are trying to get a hidden agreement. So, the WHO should intervene to reduce any form of vaccine nationalism. Also, in a country like India, delivering vaccines to 1.3 billion will be a tedious task. Any expectation of vaccine delivery is a fuel of hope. But, considering the population, it will take a long time to serve the health indicators related to COVID-19. 

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