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Last Updated on June 5, 2022 by Andrea Sharma

The thought of long-distance relationships gives us nightmares, but long-distance people give up on the relationship so that they could avoid getting into long-distance relationships. 

But, gone are the days when you would hold on to your partner’s photo or wait weeks for their letter to arrive, even the days when you would recharge your SMS pack and could send them only 100 texts a day. 

In the era of social media, where every other person has a smartphone with WhatsApp and Instagram on their phone, it’s not very difficult to do a long-distance relationship. You can text as much as you can, there is no text limit. You can do video calls, and do not have to hold on to an old photo for months or years and get into a happy relationship.

Emotional Gestures to survive Long Distance

Surprise Each other:

Any relationship is meant to lose its passion if not watered regularly, you have to make some effort to keep the passion burning. You can surprise them by visiting them every once in a while, sending them gifts, or ordering something intimate for them.

Be Loyal to Each other:

It should not even be emphasised that loyalty is paramount in a relationship, be it long-distance or not, no one deserves to be cheated. And especially in a long-distance relationship, it is very hard to catch if one of you is cheating.

Know Each other’s Schedules:

Keep a track of each other’s schedules so that you do not get in the middle of something important for your partner. And according to that you can call or message them to spend time with them.

Flirt with them once in a while: 

Just because you are in a relationship, does not mean you would stop flirting. Flirting is a good reminder that you still view them as you did once before and that the spark is still alive in the relationship.

Get Things Done Together:

To feel the presence of your partner in your life, you could start doing things together, like chores and stuff, which would definitely strengthen the bond and would make you feel better.

Long Distance Relationships
Long Distance Relationships

Romantic Gestures to survive Longdistance Relationship

Go on Virtual Dates:

Your going out plans should not end while you are in a long-distance relationship, so dress up and go to some fancy restaurant while on a video call with your partner or you can always stay in the room, light some candles and have dinner.

Snap every moment :

In the era of Digital media, it is not very hard to keep a track of each other, especially when you have Snapchat. On Snapchat, you can capture every moment of your life and share them with your partner, and your partner could also do the same, that way the both of you won’t miss out on each other’s life much. You can also send intimate pictures to each other to keep the fire burning.

Exchange Handwritten Letters:

Exchanging handwritten letters is one of the intimate things that you could do with your partner, it has a more personal touch to it, It shows that you value your partner and that you are ready to put extra effort to make them feel happy and special.

Communication is Key:

Communication is the key for any relationship to succeed, especially in a long-distance relationship where the chance of getting misunderstood is higher.
The lack of communication can kill a relationship. So, express your true feelings without hiding anything.

Video call each other everyday:

Video calling is the biggest boon that our generation has, it is only the face but what they are doing currently at the time is also visible. It is very romantic and intimate at the same time, it connects you to your partner and does not make you feel their absence.

Practical Gestures to survive Longdistance Relationships.

Long distance
Long distance

Set Some Boundaries for each other:

A little space is important to keep your relationship and mental health at peace. The two of you can make a list of ground rules that you want to set for each other. And make sure that you respect each other’s boundaries.

Do not go to sleep without solving your feud:

The first rule that you should set out for each other is that, solve your quarrels before going to bed so that when you wake up you have nothing but love in your eyes for each other. If you do not solve a problem before sleeping, then you will keep overthinking the whole night and that will only ruin the relationship.

Visit each other whenever you can:

There is definitely a reason why you are both in a long-distance relationship and not with each other. There have to be some professional and personal issues getting in your way but make sure to go and meet your partner whenever you can.

Travel Together whenever you can:

 To strengthen your relationship with your partner, travel with your partner once in a while, and explore new places and new things about each other, which will get you back closer.

Look for the brighter side of your Partner:

No one is perfect, everyone has some sort of undesirable qualities in them, so I am pretty sure your partner and you would do too. So when you do not like something in your partner, bear with them. And look for the brighter side.

Long-distance relationships are not easy but they can work if you do it right. I have listed several points for you all on how to make a long-distance relationship work.

I hope you apply these in your relationship and make it work. Thank you for reading!

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