Tips To Develop Mind Of Your Kids: 10 ways to make your child smarter

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Last Updated on June 24, 2020 by admin

Tips To Develop Mind Of Your Kids: Parents do not want to leave any effort to increase their child’s brain capacity. They are so concerned about their child’s brain capacity.

Mental development is very important, along with the physical development of the child, It is believed that up to five years of age, ninety percent of children achieve brain development, parents should be aware of the mental development of the infant at a young age.

 Top 10 tips for developing the children’s minds

These are some easy tips to increase children’s brain capacity and to sharpen their brain, to remove your anxiety. All that to make sure you develop the mind of your kids.

1. Nutritious food

almonds walnuts

A nutritious diet is very important to increase the brainpower of children. It is believed Vitamin-E intake is a good way to increase brain capacity, so allow the child to consume foods rich in vitamin-E such as almonds and walnuts.

Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and other green vegetables and sprouted grains also increase brain capacity. Lack of water in the body affects mental development as well as their concentration, so there should be no lack of water in the body of the child. Fruits and milk or foods made from milk can help increase mental capacity.

broccoli soup

DHA also a very important element for the brain development of a child. It strengthens the children’s memory. Apart from fish and seafood, DHA is also found in olive oil, almond oil, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, beans, papaya, soy milk, etc.

Also, there are many brands in the market that have DHA in milk powder or baby food. Try to choose only those things in which the DHA is present for the child.

2. Sports

Kids racing sports

Outdoor sports, this is one of the best tips to develop the mind of your kids. It is very important for children to be active in sports and physical activities. The more children are in activities such as sports, the faster their brain is. By playing, there is a good flow of oxygen in the child’s brain, which helps to increase their mental capacity, as well as keeps the child healthy, so motivate the child to play.

3. Mind games to increase kids brain power

puzzle games, tips to develop Mind of your Kids

Engage children in different games such as thieves for young children, games like puzzles, or finding or reading the words written in a newspaper. It is very important for children to remain mentally active.

If the child is older, play Chess or Ludo with him or ask them to solve puzzles, as well as ask them questions related to sports. By doing this, the child will not only learn something new but will also increase his or her brain capacity.

4. Asking questions

father spending time with his son

Keep the kids busy. By doing this, the child will always think and do something different, which will develop his or her mental capacity. Always ask the children some questions like what they did throughout the day, what he or she did in school, what the teacher taught, etc. After that he or she will start telling you about his routine.

This will not only increase his memory but also brain development as well as increase the ability of children to observe. Asking your questions will also increase the curiosity about asking questions, knowing the answers and everything in it.

5. Playing Music

a cute girl smiling and playing music

Music is considered to be a great tool to enhance mental capacity and memory, which is why children remember nursery rhymes so quickly. Use music to enhance the mental capacity of the child. To teach many things or things, you should sing them. By singing the stories too, children will be able to remember them quickly and their interest will increase in learning.

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6. Less use of mobile or laptop

Tips To Develop Mind Of Your Kids

Nowadays mobiles, laptops etc. have become the biggest need of all. Small children can also be seen playing games or watching videos while holding a phone or tablet in hand. But according to research, children should not use phones or laptops etc. for more than two hours a day.

Their use reduces children’s physical activity and they also affect the child’s brain, which can decrease their brain development, so keep in mind that your child should not use these electronic gadgets too much.

7. Avoid stress

sad boy

Nowadays small children are getting mental problems like depression and the biggest reason for this is the competition today. In this era of competition, every parent wants to see their child at the forefront and for this, they put more pressure on the child.

Children are mocked or rebuked for their performance over other children. These things have a great impact on the minds of children and the consequences can be terrible. It can also have a bad effect on brain capacity.

8. Introduce the child to creativity

a kid painting with water colors

Every child has a different talent. By bringing out the art or talent inside him and increasing the interest of the child towards him, his mental development takes place properly. By using his artistry and creativity properly, the child’s brain capacity will increase and along with it he or she will learn something new. With this, there will be development in his imagination.

9. Enough Sleep

baby girl sleeping

Adequate sleep along with nutritious food is very important for children. Sleep increases the physical and mental capacity of the child. It is necessary for every child to get eleven to thirteen hours of sleep every day. Correct and quiet sleep allows the child to develop properly and his memory power increases.

10. Math: A Perfect Solution for Brain Development

Tips To Develop Mind Of Your Kids

It is believed that people who are more interested in mathematics are more intelligent and clever. If at a young age, children will be interested in mathematics, statistics, or accounts, then their ability to think and understand will be increased, which will increase their minds and increase their mental capacity.

Every child develops in different ways. You can use these tips to increase the mental capacity of the child, but do not create any kind of pressure on your baby, otherwise, the results may be contrary to your expectation. Also, if the child needs complete brain development, then try to get the child a nutritious diet and a better environment. We wish you all parents a happy parenting session!

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