Best places to visit in Pondicherry

Best Destination in Pondicherry: Explore the hidden treasure of India
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Pondicherry is a location where you can wander without any crowd and perceive the vibes of Goa and Paris at the same time. Pondicherry used to be a territory of French people who settled into its sand and saturated itself with the South Indian culture. There are many places that you can visit in Pondicherry from Heritage walk to the sun sparkling sea, everything is available here. 

Profile of Pondicherry

The Union Territory of Pondicherry involves four waterfront locales in particular Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. Pocherry and Karaikal are located on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu, Yanam in Andhra Pradesh and Mahe on the West Coast in Kerala. 

Hot destination in Pondicherry to travel

The city of Pondicherry is the Capital of this Union Territory. It lies on the east coast around 162 km south of Chennai (Madras) situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are no slopes or timberlands in this area.

Best time to travel

The best time to travel to this beautiful God created location is between monsoon to march. As it is located near the tropics, you don’t want to feel unpleasant in the scorching heat of the sun and regret it later. The monsoon feels beautiful in this well-planned union territory with the taste and cuisine of French culture. Like India is a blend of many cultures which are specific in their region, the same Pondicherry has it’s a unique blend of cultures like the feel of colonial heritage, tropical aura, cosmopolitan styles and aromas of Tamil-French taste. 

If you want to celebrate your holidays from the hustled and fast-moving life of the metro city and have a spirit of a young kid who wants to explore every corner of this world then you should first start it with your own country with some secret and unexplored places. The calm beaches, long day hours with the pleasant breeze come from the Bay of Bengal and the aroma of Indian style French seafood makes it a heaven on earth. 

Beaches of Pondicherry

When your budget is not enough for the private beaches of Maldives, then you should opt for the peaceful beaches of Pondicherry. Like its name, Quite a beach is the place which is thanks to God, saved from the commercial activities of the modern world. 

best beaches to travel in Pondicherry

Rock beach is not ideal for swimming because of its risky banks, but this seashore is the perfect spot to give your hand a shot fishing. This beach gives the vibe of ‘Love is noticeable all around’ this seashore is very renowned among couples because of its romantic appeal. There are many beautiful beaches such as rock beach which is one of its kind that produces the calming sound when the waves touch the rocks.

most beautiful places to travel in pondicherry

If you want to sense the feeling of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, then you should visit Paradise beach. A wonderful ship ride takes you to the seashore and worth each penny for its tasteful environmental factors. Paradise Beach is among those astounding Pondicherry Beaches where sightseers can anticipate a life-changing sunset and sunrise as well. There is one more beach that needs to place its name on the list of beautiful beaches of Pondicherry which is Reppo Beach. With its relaxed vibes and a small number of crowds, Reppo Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches here in Pondicherry.

most exotic spots travel in Pondicherry

Mostly craved by foreigners, Reppo Beach is an incredible spot to stare at the waves crash and observe the delicacy of the shoreline in Pondicherry. Other beaches that need to visit are Mahe beach, Auroville beach, serenity beach, Karaikal beach etc.

Auroville Ashram 

best tourist attraction in Pondicherry

Also known as ‘City of Dawn’, this huge golden globe-like structure attracts the people from all the sphere of life towards the Auroville Ashram which is based on the learning of the great spiritual leader and freedom fighter of India Audobindo Ghosh.

Legacy of French people

most beautiful attraction to see in Pondicherry

A piece of the city is truly safeguarded by the name of the legacy town or French Quarters. It has structures and houses lined in calm and Serene roads that date back to the French Colonial time. A variety of colourful structures embellishes the roads of this town.

best travel destination to explore in Pondicherry

This region used to be known as the white town. This is the place where the vibe of the city lies. The design of the whole town is a refreshment to the mind. This piece of the city is contrastingly not quite the same as the opposite side of the city. The other part being clamouring with shops, traffic, and people.

Surfing and Scuba diving in Pondicherry

Due to its perfect location in the sea, Pondicherry is the only scuba diving place in the East shoreline of India. It’s adventures offer a wide scope of diving locales, and packages to browse. They are open all around the year and welcome individuals with almost no experience. Proficient courses for the certificate are additionally accessible. Along with scuba diving, Pondicherry also offers surfing for sea lovers and has become one of the top places for surfing on the east coast of India. Kallialay Surf School offers surfing lessons every day.

From the searching for Spices to the formation of new tastes

What is known as Pondicherry food is the consequence of a blending of flavours. “These were dishes cooked essentially in Catholic Franco-Indian homes – local people who had changed over to Christianity, had voyaged abroad and were more open to the influence of French taste. 

some beautiful things to do in pondicherry

Pondicherry cooking is a variation of Tamil food, refined by French impact. The utilization of flavour is significantly less, due to the effect of French taste. So you get the flavour, yet not the warmth of the spices. In today’s time, only a few restaurants in Pondicherry offers the real local taste in its dishes such as crepes, tartines (bread with sweet or savoury toppings) and more at Café Des Arts, a selection of French dishes and desserts at The Promenade and Villa Shanti, a few Creole and French ones at the restaurant of the hotel Dune De L’Orient.

Local market shopping at Pondicherry

As you travel to the city, the quantity of shops selling different stuff is difficult to miss. The legacy and culture of Pondy increase the motivation to get the human experience and specialities that are delivered locally. Jawaharlal Nehru Street is the place for road shops and marked stores.

Best tourist hotspot in Pondicherry

You can discover carefully developed gems, candles, incense, light shades, figures, ceramics, artworks. Eco-friendly garments, antique furniture, the rundown of the things made in Pondicherry goes on. The eco-friendly and maintainable viewpoint of this town rises above into crafted by craftsmen. Pondicherry is the market of stylish and boho shopping.

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