What is the Simple Meaning of Life

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Last Updated on July 8, 2020 by admin

Life is a glorious gift for every living being on earth by the supernatural entity. Humans, animals, birds, insects, trees, plants, make this beautiful world together. Every being is made by God has a purpose, without purpose, there is no meaning of this beautiful creation of God.

We are made for relishing a beautiful life but it has limited validity. You have to live within the period God allocates for you, accept it, and live it thankfully because you will not get it back again.

Humankind is considered as social beings and most precious God creations due to its powerful brain feature. Humans have the capability to rebuild the world itself.

What Is the Purpose of Life

God has set a default purpose for Life, and we are following the same. The purpose is to play a game of Living Life. A game to explore beautiful life as much as you can. This is:

  • a game of breathing
  • a game of viewing
  • a game of listening
  • a game of pleasure
  • a game of love
  • a game of achieving goals

In this game, you have to go through with the different stages of life. Your love towards life keeps you in the game even facing misery, hard work, pain, sadness, failure, embarrassment.

But there may a time when you get heartbroken, you are devastated, when you feel you should quit the game. This state becomes more dangerous when you categories yourself as a poor, unlucky, unworthy, alone person.

But Never forget God has its own way to correct the things. God has given you undefined power that you can handle any situation by yourself with the help of the conscious mind. No phase of life permanent, the time has to pass. You need to understand the algorithm of life. Life gives you everything in negative and positive forms.

-Sadness, +Happiness

-Pain, +Relief

-Hardwork, +Pleasure

-Failure, +Victory

-Dislike, +Like

-Hate, +Love

-Enemy, +Friends

You can’t understand the feeling of relief if you don’t get pain. You never understand the importance of happiness if you don’t face sadness. These (-) negative and (+)positive form of life doesn’t make any sense individually but when negative and positive meet together, there will be a spark and that exactly a life.

Don’t dare to understand yourself poor, Don’t dare to understand your self unlucky, never think you are alone, God is always with you, he made you and everything he created is worthful.

You are not going to lose anything even its the worst phase of your life because nothing is yours, it is God who made you with his own choice, not yours. You have been given a chance to taste unlimited exposure and success. You have to understand your priceless life, keep playing in every situation, enjoy your difficult phases too, become a player, and play like a pro.

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