Alok Verma- a high drama at the residence of CBI director
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Last Updated on October 26, 2018 by admin

On Thursday, a high drama was there at CBI director Alok Verma Janpath residence in Central Delhi. It was a day before the Supreme Court is to hear the request against the decision to divert him of his powers. The controversy broke over alleged snooping by IB, i.e. Intelligence Bureau personnel outside Alok Verma residence. On the other hand, it was denied by IB sources and clarified that the men were on a routine patrol.

On Thursday morning this drama started after his personal security officers dragged four IB men in the house subsequent of spotting their cars in the surrounding area. Though keeping tabs on incidents in VVP zones is measured as the part of IB’s functions, the fight almost immediately blew into a major incident as allegations of snooping flew thick as well as quick.

As per agency officials, IB men having their identity cards with them were on a round of the high-security zone and had stopped up after noticing an unusual congregation near Alok Verma house. But in such a dramatic way they were pulled into Alok Verma residence by his security guard increased into a major controversy.

All about the incident outside Alok Verma house

Initially, the team of two officials was in a Celerio car which was seen parked on Tees January Lane. At the same time as other two arrived later in an Alto and were stationed behind Alok Verma residence. It was about 7:30 am, Thursday; two of Alok Verma PSOs along with other staff stormed out of the house and approached the persons in the Celerio. After that, they inquire all about their identity and after when the two officials should their identity card the PSO’s insisted them to come inside and clarify it.

At this moment when IB officials tried to argue with them, a brawl ensued, and PSOs started to drag them in. During all this one of the IB, official fell down on the road and also got injured. At the same time, the police were well-versed, and they rushed to Alok Verma house.

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