Chinese People In Anger Over Xi Jinping Regime After LAC Ladakh Clash
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Last Updated on June 28, 2020 by admin

Chinese People In Anger: After a clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers in Galwan valley of eastern Ladakh this month, the dragon is clinging to its own country.

China has not yet revealed the names of many soldiers killed in the incident, due to which it is facing the anger of the soldiers’ relatives. The Chinese population is showing anger over the Xi Jinping regime.

America’s Breitbart News has said in a report that the soldiers of the soldiers are very upset because of the decision of the Chinese Communist Party. It is constantly asking questions about his soldiers on social media, which the Chinese government is failing to calm down.

The report said that after the Chinese soldiers killed in the Galwan Valley, many of the soldiers’ families have expressed their anger against Xi Jinping’s government on China’s social media sites Weibo and others. It is constantly asking the government to name the Chinese government soldiers who died in the incident.

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash in the Galwan Valley. In addition, more than 40 Chinese soldiers were also killed, but the dragon has not yet accepted it. However, China did acknowledge the death of some commanders.

After the skirmish, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times surely believed that many soldiers of his country had been killed by India. He tweeted that as far as I am aware, soldiers on the Chinese side have also been casualties in the incident.

The boundary dispute between India and China started in early May. The situation in eastern Ladakh deteriorated when on May 5, about 250 soldiers from India and China clashed with iron rods and sticks in the Pegong Lake area.

There was also stone pelting on both sides, in which soldiers of both countries were injured. The incident continued for the next day as well. The two sides were ‘separated’ after this, but the deadlock continued.

Since then China is playing a dual game of talks on the diplomatic front and war confrontation on the military front but India is alerted and inaction to give the Chinese army a befitting reply.