Congress promises to ban RSS shakhas in Madhya Pradesh
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Last Updated on November 12, 2018 by admin

Congress promised to ban RSS shakhas in Madhya Pradesh if voted to power in the BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh. After this promise by Congress, political controversy has erupted in the state. Congress promised to ban RSS, i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in government premises and will also not allows state government employees to partake in Sangh shakhas. To outsmart BJP, Congress manifesto which is called as Vachan Patra focus on many other things too. These are those issues which are very close to rival BJP’s heart and also have been giving political sustenance to saffron party for long.

However, Congress earlier justified its promise which was made in the manifesto for 28th November poll. The ruling BJP party reacted on this promise by Congress by saying that this reveals the main objective of the Rahul Gandhi led party ‘ Mandir nahi banana denge aur Shakha nhi chalne denge.’ It means neither will they allow construction of time nor they will permit running of shakhas.

On Saturday, 11 November 2018 the Congress released a manifesto and in which they mentioned in their Administrative Reforms section. They mentioned that ‘ RSS will not be permitted in the government premises. Also, the government order allowing government officials and employees to attend the shakhas too will be scrapped’.

Three senior Congress leaders repeated this same stand, ex-CM Digvijaya Singh, national party spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi in Bhopal and former finance and home minister P Chidambaram in Indore.

How BJP slammed Congress over this matter?

On the other hand on this issue, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra slammed the Congress. He said ‘ this again exposed Congress real political aim off neither permitting the construction of temple nor allowing the running of shakhas.’ He added that ‘ Sangh is not a political association whose caring works are for all to see everywhere, comprising the relief work done by RSS workers at the time of recent Kerala flood.’

Mr Patra also said that ‘ on one side Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh say that Naxalites are revolutionaries and Naxalism is a revolutionary process. On another side, Congress party treats RSS not as a social organization, however as a hated political outfit.’ He repeated Rahul Gandhi’s statements in 2008 when he told US Ambassador that the threat to national security does not arise from banned outfits like SIMI. However the threat arises from Hindu outfits Mr Patra also stated that during Rahul Gandhi’s overseas visits, he also equated RSS with Muslim Brotherhood which is banned as a terror outfit in six countries.

BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra also added that Congress leader Digvijaya Singh embraces controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik as the follower of peace. On the other hand linked the RSS to 26/11 terror attack, which also converse volume regarding whose cause is he committed to. He says that this latest promise by Congress in the manifesto is only re-endorsement of what its leaders Rahul Gandhi and Digvijaya Singh have been conversing in the past.

Mr Patra also questioned ‘What is the Congress stand on its national general secretary in-charge for the state. Also, Deepak Babaria earlier had openly told that Congress workers and leaders to be taught discipline from RSS.’

What Congress national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi clarified?

The Congress national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi clarified on the issue of Congress promising to ban RSS shakhas. She said, ‘nowhere in the manifesto had Congress said that RSS would be banned. In fact, we only mentioned about not permitting RSS shakhas in government premises along with not allowing government servants in such shakhas. Our main objective is that a government employee is committed to India’s constitution and not to a specific political organization or thought.’

Priyanka Chaturvedi added that ‘ the relaxation on permitting government employees to partake in RSS shakhas was also given in 2006; however, the centre still bans government employees to partake in political activities. In what way RSS can be called as a cultural or social organization? Can anybody give the registration number under which it is registered ?. Everybody knows that when a minister is to be inducted in government here, the decision is not taken in Delhi or Bhopal, but is taken from Nagpur where there is RSS headquarters.’

Regarding this issue Bhupendra Gupta, State Congress’ deputy media in-charge said ‘ if BJP is so worried regarding this matter about RSS shakhas, it should at first protest against Narendra Modi government centre. However, which still bans government employees from partaking in RSS shakhas. Once go to tribal districts like Jhabua and Alirajpur, where you will find the hostels of tribal children which are closed for twenty days for holding RSS programs. Here teachers are also forced to work as cooks for such programs.’

Madhya Pradesh is ready to go to polls on 28th November 2018. This election in MP is considered as the direct political battle amid Congress and BJP.


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