COVID-19 Lockdown Relaxation: Guidelines after 20th April

COVID-19 Lockdown Relaxation
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Last Updated on April 17, 2020 by admin

Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown relaxation guidelines after 20th April:

The Government of India has said that they have selected certain public activities that would be allowed after 20th April. All these declarations have come one day after PM Narendra Modi announced lockdown till 3rd May.

The Government has issued fresh guidelines that all the required activities will be operational but under strict compliance. The State Government has to make sure that all the precautions are taken with social distancing.

The authorities have said that there are various lists of containment zones. Also, the relaxed rules will be suspended in the location until it becomes COVID-19 free. The Union Government has relaxed the lockdown guidelines from 20th April. They have indicated that international & domestic air travel and passenger trains will be suspended. Moreover, all the metro train and bus services will be suspended until 3rd May.

Main highlights

  • All hospitals, pharmacies, and dispensaries will be functional. Moreover, veterinary clinics, medical laboratories, and pharmaceutical & medical devices production units will be functional.
  • There is a ban on religious and social gatherings that may be small or large. Also, the cinema halls and worship places will remain close.
  • Additionally, the Government will define the containment zones and no activities will be permitted. It will make sure that there will be strict control on the inward and outward movement. But the essential services will be continued in that area.
  • The harvesting and other agricultural activities of Rabi crop will remain functional. Also, the agencies associated with the procurement of mandis, agricultural products, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, and fisheries will be functional.
  • Coffee, tea, and rubber plantations will remain operational.
  • Banks will follow normal working hours. But the local body will be responsible for providing security for maintaining social distancing.
  • The educational institutes will be shut down. The online teaching will be continued. LPG and CNG operations will be functional.
  • The Government has ensured the smooth working of the supply chain. They have instructed the states to enable the operations of vehicles and trucks of all non-essential and essential products.
  • E-commerce companies, vehicles used by e-commerce operators will be allowed to ply with necessary permissions.
  • Courier services will be allowed.
  • Essential services like electricians, carpenters, motor mechanics and IT repairs will be allowed.
  • The Government has approved construction activities in the municipal corporations. But the workers must be available on site. Moreover, no outside workers are allowed at the construction site.
  • 20th April onwards the private vehicles are allowed to ply for emergencies such as veterinary care and medical care. But the car must have one passenger with the driver in the car.
  • The central and defense armed police forces and family welfare and health departments will function without any limitation and restriction.
  • Also, the Government officers below the deputy secretary rank must operation with 33 percent attendance.

    So, I hope that you must have understood the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown relaxation points after 20th April.

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