Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Uses Anti-India Statements To Lure Voters

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden: On the one hand, while the US Secretary of State has declared to deploy an army to defend India against China, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US has given statements against India about Kashmir, Citizenship Amendment Act, and National Citizenship Register just to lure voters.

Biden said that it is important for India to take steps to get the Kashmiris their rights. Apart from this, he also misapplied the CAA and NRC implemented in Assam.

The statements are posted on Biden’s campaign website. It was titled ‘Agenda for the Muslim American Community’.

It added that steps like CAA and NRC are against Indian democracy’s continuing tradition of multiculturalism and secularism. Presidential elections are to be held in the US in November.

This is nothing new to be coming from Democratic party as its idealogy is towards left-leaning and pro-Muslim thus having anti-India stance as usual.

Earlier on Friday, USA showed friendship towards India. In fact, recently due to the antics of China, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a skirmish on the border. In such a situation, USA  is showing friendly treatment towards India and increasing its military presence in Europe and South Asia.

This was indicated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in response to a question at the Brussels Forum’s virtual conference on Thursday (25 June). Pompeo was asked why the US had reduced its troops in Germany.

In response, the US Secretary of State said,

“American soldiers, who were not there, were being taken to other places to face challenges. The recent antics of the Chinese Communist Party meant that India and Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Countries like the Philippines and the South China Sea region are under increasing threat. The US military is properly positioned to face the challenges of our time.”

Speaking about China’s threat, he cited bloody confrontation along the border with India as evidence of Beijing’s South China Sea activity and its predatory economic policies.

US Presidential election is being fought between two main candidates. Current president Donald Trump from the Republican Party and Joe Biden from the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is currently leading the voter survey by 7 percent.

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