FIR against Rakesh Asthana- Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Modi
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Last Updated on October 23, 2018 by admin

CBI has booked Rakesh Asthana, its own special director and number two in the organization in a bribery case.  Rakesh Asthana is named as the prime accused in an FIR filed on 15th October alleged to have received about 2 crore rupees from Moin Qureshi, the businessman. This amount was given to him to settle a money laundering case against him.

This decision to file an FIR against Rakesh Asthana was taken after, a Dubai based businessman, Manoj Prasad detained by CBI from Delhi airport. In this case, Sana Satish is the complainant whose role was being investigated by SIT which is headed by Rakesh Asthana in connection with Moin Qureshi corruption case. As San Satish named Rakesh Asthana in his statement and said that he paid more than 2 crore rupees to him through Manoj Prasad.

In that FIR there is a mention of Samant Kumar Goel who is a special director at India’s premier external intelligence body RAW. Rakesh Asthana received bribes all the way through Manoj Prasad, a middleman which was detained on 16th October by CBI’s corruption unit.CBI also submitted  WhatsApp messages, telephone intercepts, statements and money trails to the magistrate to show Rakesh Asthana ‘s culpability.

Qureshi corruption case – connection with Rakesh Asthana

In 2014, Moin Qureshi was raided by IT department. His Blackberry Messenger messages with CBI director AP Singh led him to resign as the member of UPSC. After three years of that case in 2017, a case was registered by CBI which was handled by SIT head, Rakesh Asthana. On 4th October, Satish gave statement naming Rakesh Asthana, Somesh Srivastava and Prasad. He gave details of in what way he paid over 2 crore rupees over a period of ten months, to let him stay away from the case. Satish, on the other hand, claimed that he had been harassed by CBI officers to pay more amounts, and on instructions given by Manoj Prasad about 25 lakh rupees were paid on 9th October to get relief. After he got the relief, he travelled all the way through Dubai to Delhi to collect the amount of 1.75 crores on 16th October, and at that time he apprehended by CBI team.

Rahul Gandhi slammed Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi picked Rakesh Asthana for number two position, and CBI caught him taking bribes.  Rahul Gandhi on this tweeted that ‘The PM’s blue-eyed boy infiltrated as number two into CBI has caught taking bribes. He tweeted, and Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Narendra Modi ‘under this PM, CBI is a weapon of a political feud. An institution, in terminal decline that’s at war with itself.’

Earlier today Congress party retreated in a press conference. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu said, ‘if even fractionally what we read is true, it’s most serious as this is the same appointment that was objected to the time it happened. He found out to be linked in bribery in five to six cases and still he was appointed. This is due to the fact that he is hailing from Gujarat. It is the crystal clear case regarding crony capitalism.’


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