India-China LAC Dispute: Despite 5:30 Hrs Talks No Outcome
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Last Updated on June 7, 2020 by admin

India-China LAC Dispute: In the Lt. General level talks on the India-China border dispute, India has bluntly stated that April 2020 should be maintained on the border. During the talks, India has asked the Chinese Army to withdraw. At the same time, India has also rejected China’s demand to stop road construction on the border. The talks from the Indian side were led by Lt Gen Harinder Singh.

The talks in Moldo Chushul, under the Chinese border, lasted for about five and a half hours. There was no result in this, but both sides have put their demands in front of each other. According to sources, the conversation ended in a positive atmosphere. This has opened the way for further talks.

India is believed to have demanded the removal of Chinese forces and the camps they had built from Pangong, Galvan Valley. India wants the status of April 2020 to apply to the border. India has reservations about the presence of the Chinese army, especially in the Pangong area. India wants the Chinese Army present at Finger-4 to retreat, while China has asked India to stop road construction on the border.

Now everyone’s eyes are once again on the diplomatic exercise. It is also being said that talks will continue at the military and diplomatic levels. The Lt General level dialogue between the two countries was seen as a major effort to resolve. Sources say that continuing the conversation is a sign of reduced tension, but it may take time to resolve the problem. At present, the forces of China and India are standing face to face.

Before the Lt General level talks, both sides have held 12 rounds at the local commander level and three times at the Major General level. Negotiations are also continuing at the diplomatic level. On Friday (June 5), at the Joint Secretary-level talks, the two sides agreed not to allow the differences to turn into a dispute.

The talks were led by Lt. General Harinder Singh from the Indian side. The Chinese side was led by the commander of the Tibet Military District. The lieutenant general has returned to Leh and given the full report to the army headquarters and the army chief. Information about the entire matter has been given by the army to the Ministry of External Affairs and the PMO.

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