Indian teacher Ranjitsinh Dahsale wins Global Teachers Award 2020

Global Teachers Award 2020
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Dreams break. And, when they do, they break the person internally. But, it depends on us how we make a turnaround. That turnaround will only bring accolades if that brings glory. Ranjitsinh Dahsale had a dream to become an IT Engineer. But the situation did not let him get past his marks. So, Ranjitsinh’s father advised him to seek a career in teaching. In Solapur district, at Zila Parishad Primary School in Paritewadi, Ranjitsinh started grooming the future of tomorrow. He did wonders, and because of this, the Indian teacher Ranjitsinh Dahsale from Maharashtra wins the Global Teachers Award 2020.

About Global Teachers Award

Set up to recognize one exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the teaching profession, Global Teachers Award brings out the best worthy talent at a global platform. It gives an annual prize worth $1 million by the Varkey Foundation. A committee of Global Teacher Prize Academy, consisting of teachers, education experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, and others to announce the winner. Many consider it as Nobel Prize for teaching. In 2015, this trend started with Nancie Atwell getting the first award. 

Ranjitsinh Dahsale

Ranjitsinh Dahsale is the second Asian to win this award. The teacher changed the mindset of the area where the attendance of the school was somewhere around 2% with teen tribal marriages. So, the area was completely out of touch with modernization. The impact of Ranjitsinh’s interventions dismantled the rotten system. Today, there are now no teenage marriages in the village and 100 per cent attendance by girls at the school. He also gave the awareness of the environment to the students by doing the afforestation of the area. The place has a green cover increased from 25% to 33% in the last ten years. Ranjitsinh’s passion to build peace between young people across the conflict zone is making the course of friendly relations. 

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