Iran Hits Back with the Surgical Strike on the Stubborn Blood Hungry Pakistan
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Last Updated on February 5, 2021 by admin

Iran conducted a Surgical strike on Stubborn Pakistan on Tuesday night to free its revolutionary guard from their captivity. Pakistan being a terrorist-supporting country always held accountable for its misguided policy on neighbouring countries.

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Ground Force’s Quds base in Southeastern Iran gave the statement that it freed its two border guards in a successful operation on Tuesday night. Now Iran has become a third nation to answer the wrongdoing of Pakistan by carrying out a surgical Strike operation deep inside Pakistan targeting a terror group and freeing its two soldier guards.

The Wahabi Terrorist group supported by Pakistan ‘Jaish-ul-Adl’ kidnapped two of 12 IRGC guards of Iran on 16, 2018 in the territory Merkava in Sistan and Baluchestan province. To squash any tension between two countries, Tehran and Islamabad, held a joint committee of military officials to tackle the situation. Angered by this Iranian operation, Jaish-ul-Adl is preparing an armed strike against Tehran, claiming to defend the rights of Baloch Sunnis in Iran.

About Jaish-ul-Adl group

Jaish-ul-Adl, also known as Jaish-al-Adl is a part of the rebellious Wahabi group reportedly a Salafi Jihadist Militant terrorist organisation proclaimed crime group by Iran government and is reportedly waging an armed struggle against the Iranian government for the rights of Baloch Sunnis of Iran. The group has formerly been accused of running several assaults against civilians as well as Iranian soldiers. According to the sources, like constantly this organization is insured by the Pakistan government.

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