Kashmir – security forces are on high alert against possible sniper attacks by terrorists
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Last Updated on October 28, 2018 by admin

In Jammu and Kashmir, the security forces and their intelligence units are on high alert owing to the possible sniper attacks by terrorists. The security forces suspect that a few highly skilled terrorists’ snipers could be active in the valley. Earlier last week an army soldier along with two paramilitary personnel were killed in long-range furtiveness attacks.

As per the sources, terrorist snipers who can effortlessly hide at a single spot hidden for a long time and withdraw after making a kill could also pose a high threat to VIPs in the Kashmir valley. On Saturday, i.e. 27th October, CISF‘s assistant sub-inspector was killed by what the security forces say that it was a sniper attack on outskirts of Srinagar. On 22nd October also a paramilitary soldier was killed in one more suspected sniper attack.  And on the other hand, an Army officer was killed three days later in a long range gun attack.

As per the sources, it is considered that terrorists might be using advanced night vision goggles or else NVGs, which is very helpful for them to hide in dark and snipe at security forces from a long distance. This sniper attack permits terrorists to run away easily the moment security forces start searching for them.  Also, Inspector General of Police has also written and requested police headquarters to consider this situation and to draw attention to the threat from these snipers. However, all VIP vehicles are well protected and armored contradicting the threat of snipers is a confront.


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