#MeToo –  latest entry in the list
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A new entry in the #MeToo list is the Gaurav Sawant, India Today’s executive editor, and top TV anchor. He has been accused of sexual assault by Vidya Krishnan, the health editor at The Hindu newspaper in New Delhi.

What Vidya Krishnan says?

Vidya Krishnan added Gaurav Sawant in the #MeToo list and said that this incident took place in 2003. At that time she was working at The Pioneer newspaper, run by former Member of Parliament, Chandan Mitra. The allegations made by her on Gaurav includes that he touched her breasts and also asked her to bathe with him. He also displayed his genitals to her and also forced her physically to touch his genitals.

Krishnan says that the time when she joined The Pioneer, she was just 21, and at that time Gaurav Sawant was a well-known defence correspondent. They both were on the same trip out of town. At the time of the incident Krishnan was sitting on the military jeep, and Sawant sat behind her and placed his right hand on her breast. She told Caravan that ‘ I did not feel secure to tell anybody, that this is happening, make it stop. I did not have such confidence to say anything.’

After this Gaurav Sawant sent her text message at night and asked her to come to his room. He also told that he wants to share the bathtub with her; however, she declined. Within no time he reached her room, and when she opened the door, he exposed his genitals to her and forced her to touch it. She recalled that she feared as Gaurav was taller and stronger than her. She said’ in my mind, there was fear at that time, this I might have to end up doing what he wanted.’

At that same night, Vidya Krishnan told her boyfriend regarding this incident. She also told The Caravan that she wanted to complain about this issue, but she was not known about whether an internal complaints committee exists at that time.

On asking why she shared her experience now, she said that she feels that it is her responsibility to tell the story as many are coming up under #MeToo movement. She said ‘ I am not doing it as I want something done with Gaurav Sawant. I have nothing to gain with this

What is Gaurav Savant’s reaction on this matter?

Gaurav Sawant in a late night tweet commented ‘ the article published by Caravan is baseless, irresponsible and false. I am discussing with my lawyers and will also take legal action against this action. I am so grateful to my family, friends as well as viewers  for their support.’

#MeToo in India till date

Since 5th October 2018 many women taken social media to tell people about the sexual harassment and misconduct faced by them in almost all the sectors like Tamil and Hindi film industry, advertising, fields like arts, music, journalism, sports and also nonprofit organizations.

Presence of #MeToo movement in India gave voices and strength to victims of sexual harassment to open up with the experiences they faced in their life.


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