New Strain of Covid-19 Creates Fear of Mutant Corona Virus in India

New strain of covid 19 in india
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When the signs of COVID-19 cases in India are decreasing, a new virus strain has created huge tensions in recent times. After the new strain was firstly observed in the United Kingdom, the fears about its penetration and spread to other countries already floated. The news broke, when some of the returnees from the UK have tested positive. Another observation that came out was that in these there is a presence of the new Corona-virus mutant genome.

Latest Development

After the news came out, the central government decided to block the entry of UK returnees. Now, the Civil Aviation Ministry decide to extend this ban till 7th January 2021. In total, there are twenty cases detected as of now. As per the information available from the Press Information Bureau, the cases in India went below 19000 after 187 days.

Where in India?

The new strain of the COVID-19 has regional disparity. Karnataka is the first state where the cases came into detection. In total, there are seven cases of new strain of COVID-19 from this state with four from one family in Shivamogga. In Delhi, four out of the 20 tested positive and are under isolation in Lok Nayak Hospital. One each found in the three southern states – Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. Rest cases have come in the states, including Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.


The new form of coronavirus does not appear to be more harmful than earlier mutations but likely more transmissible. The list of symptoms are:

  1. A high temperature of the body.
  2. Coughing a lot for more than an hour.
  3. A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  4. Bluish lips or face.
  5. Trouble in Breathing.

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