Sabarimala temple finally opens after Supreme Court judgment
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Last Updated on October 18, 2018 by admin

Yesterday the doors of Sabarimala temple in Kerala opened for the first time subsequent to Supreme Court judgment. As per this judgment women of all ages are now allowed inside the temple premises. Amid the threats of disruption as well as mass suicides, the doors of the temple opened in the evening yesterday at 5 pm. On this matter, tensions are running high in the state as the gates have been opened first time after the Supreme Court judgment.

In several parts of Kerala tension is prevailing regarding the opening up of the gates for monthly prayers yesterday. Devotees are opposing the Supreme Court verdict by stepping up protests, along with this police personnel are also taking some of the devotees into custody. Two women devote not able to proceed towards the shire after the protests. The protest of devotes was against the judgment of the Supreme Court to allow women in the menstruating age into the Sabarimala temple premises.

A 50 years old woman from Andra Pradesh who wants to reach the Sabarimala temple and tried to climb the hills to reach the Lord Ayyappa temple. She was forced to return back to Pamba owing to the protests by the male devotees. She also had been provided the police security to climb the hill but was forcibly returned back after the protest.

Developments on Sabarimala temple issue

More than twenty people including Prayar Gopalakrishnan, former Travancore Devaswom Board president were under arrest in Nilakkal and Pamba. These all are in custody owing to their protest against the entry of women of age 10 to 50 in Sabarimala temple.

Subramanian Swamy supported Supreme Court judgment and said that ‘SC has declared its verdict and now you are saying it’s our tradition. Everybody was applauding at the time when Supreme Court abolished Triple Talaq, as it was also a tradition. Now those Hindus are on the streets.’

Loknath Behra, Kerala Police chief told the media that ‘In and around Sabarimala temple there is a very strong police presence.‘ About 1000 personnel took their position in Pamba and Nillakal which are the foothills of renowned Lord Ayyappa temple. As per the police chief ‘none would be stopped, and nobody will be permitted to take the law into their hands. Sabarimala is safe for everybody and anyone can come for prayers.’

On 16th October a woman in Thiruvananthapuram tried to commit suicide. She tried to hang herself from a tree in protest against the Supreme Court verdict over the entry of women all ages in Sabarimala temple. At last, she was saved by local as well as police.

What happened last month on the way to Sabarimala Temple?

Last month Supreme Court declared to lift the ban on entry of women of all ages. The way toward the shrine was opened for everybody as per Supreme Court judgment. Regarding this judgment four media journalist was attacked and were beaten with sticks by the protestors near the base camp in Nilakal. Again two women devote attempted to trek but were again blocked by the protestors. 40 years old women with her family were intimidated as well as heckled as they proceeded towards the Sabarimala temple.

Yesterday also many devotees mostly women are pulled out from the buses and cars and were asked them to go back. However, Kerala police warned and ordered that anybody who would try to stop women devotes will be considered to be criminals. Yesterday in a press meet CM Pinarayi Vijayan alleged that the government would not, in any case, submit a review petition and will ensure facilities to permit the women devotees to visit Sabarimala temple.



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