“Sacrifice Of Soldiers Will Not Go In Vain”, PM Narendra Modi’s First Statement After India-China LAC Clash
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Last Updated on June 17, 2020 by admin

PM Modi statement India-China LAC Clash : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that soldiers’ martyrdom will not go in vain over the Indian soldiers who were martyred in the clash with Chinese soldiers on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh region.

PM Modi said, ‘I assure the country for this. For us unity and integrity of the country is paramount. India wants peace, but it has the power to respond. During a video conferencing with Home Minister Amit Shah and 15 Chief Ministers of the country, Prime Minister Modi said that the country is proud of the martyred soldiers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘I express my condolences to the martyrs, assure the soldiers and their families that the country is with you, whatever the situation might be, the country is with you. India will protect itself and every inch of land.’

On the tension with China at LAC, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We never provoke anyone, but we also do not compromise with the integrity and sovereignty of our country. Whenever the time has come, we have taken the integrity of the country and has demonstrated its power in defending sovereignty, has proved its capabilities.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has convened an all-party meeting on 19 June to discuss the current situation arising on the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh. The Prime Minister’s Office notified, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called an all-party meeting on June 19 at 5 pm to discuss the situation in the India-China border areas. The president of various political parties will attend this meeting.”

Xi Jinping Loses Control Grip Over Communist Party, As Cover-Up China Clashes With India At LAC

China’s commanding officer was also killed in a violent clash between Indo-Chinese troops on Monday night in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. At the same time, the news agency ANI has once again reported that more than 40 Chinese soldiers have been killed in this incident.

As per current updates, further talks on LAC Ladakh have been suspended temporarily while India Foreign  Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Wang Yi had a talk and both agreed on maintaining peace and cooperating between the nations.

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