SC Directs Government To Consider Home Delivery Of Liquor Amidst Corona Lockdown
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Last Updated on May 22, 2020 by admin

While the country is facing a nationwide lockdown due to the ongoing corona pandemic. A PIL- Public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court stating that there should be home delivery of alcohol during the coronavirus lockdown. On this, the Supreme Court said that It will not pass the order, but at the same time, the Supreme Court said that the government should consider its home delivery to follow the social distancing.

Demand For Home Delivery By Filing PIL

Actually, after filing a PIL in the Supreme Court, it was said that the corona epidemic has been put on lockdown. Social distancing is necessary to minimize the infection of the disease, but the sale of liquor was allowed during the lockdown and during this time social distancing was dismantled. Social distancing is necessary to prevent infection. In such a situation, the government should be instructed that liquor should not be sold in the shops but there should be a system of home delivery.

We want to protect the life of the common man: petitioner

The petitioner stated that social distancing is not being followed due to this. The petitioner said that the number of shops authorized to sell liquor is very small and buyers are very high. Then the Supreme Court said that there is a continuing discussion on things related to home delivery. What do you want from us through writ?, the SC asked during the hearing. Then the counsel for the petitioner said that we want to protect the life of the common man, we want to curb the huge crowd caused by alcohol. For this, the Home Ministry should issue an explanation and the state should follow it.

State government should consider home delivery mode: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court then said that It will not pass any order in this matter. But the state government should consider an indirect sale or home delivery of liquor to fulfill the purpose of social distancing.

Overcrowding at shops increased problem

It is noteworthy that liquor shops were allowed to open during lockdown 3 after which a huge crowd gathered at liquor shops and social distancing was not followed in many places. The situation at many shops in Delhi deteriorated so much that the police had to intervene.

Many states are working on a plan to start home delivery of liquor and some states may announce some measures related to it soon. This claim has been made by Amrit Kiran Singh, chairman of the International Spirit and Wines Association of India (ISWAI) lobbying for the liquor industry. He said that ISWAI has sent its representatives to all the state governments to discuss the matter. Members of ISWAI include large companies such as Diageo, Bacardi, Perno Ricard, and LVMH and contribute about 80% of the total spirits and wines sold in the country.

Now that the Supreme Court has put the ball in the court of the government we can expect to see a change in the policy and some new course of action take place because the liquor is not only an item of huge demand but also it is a revenue-generating item for the respective governments including state as well as the central.