Supreme Court verdict on firecrackers ban declared

firecrackers ban
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Last Updated on October 23, 2018 by admin

Supreme Court has not compelled a nationwide blanket on the ban on the sale of crackers this Diwali. In its judgment today, Supreme Court said that only green crackers which are less polluting would be allowed to be sold. With this Supreme Court also imposed the timing on burning crackers. People will be allowed to burn crackers amid 8 pm to 10 pm. On the other hand on Christmas and New Year crackers are allowed only amid 11:45 pm to 12:15 am.

The firecrackers are not completely banned this Diwali by Supreme Court. However, it has restricted the use of crackers who add on in deadly pollution in Delhi and other cities. The Supreme Court permitted the use of safer crackers from 8 pm to 10 pm only this Diwali. The two-judge bench declared ‘we tried to strike a perfect balance ‘. They and permitted a two hour limit for all weddings and festivals.

Top points regarding Supreme Court verdict

  • Judges AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan alleged that this year firecrackers would only be permitted amid 11:55 pm and 12:30 am on Christmas as well as New Year.
  • In most polluted cities of India, i.e. New Delhi crackers will be allowed only in some designated spots and which also need to be identified.
  • Uses of only those crackers are permitted which are within noise pollution limits. These noise pollution limits were set earlier in July 2005 and should be followed. Ladi, i.e. chain crackers are banned.
  • Traders those who have a license of sales can only sell crackers this Diwali. They can only sell crackers which are safer ones and which will reduce emission and permitted chemicals.
  • Crackers are not allowed to be sold on any online platform. E-commerce sites those who sell crackers will be hauled up for disdain.
  • For violation of any rule declared by Supreme Court, a police officer in charge of that local area will be responsible.

Last year on 9th October, the Supreme Court banned the sale of firecrackers temporarily ahead of Diwali. It was to examine its effect on pollution levels. On 28th August Supreme Court reserved its order on request for a countrywide ban on firecrackers to stop the worsening of pollution condition. The court reserved its order after the hearing of request of firecrackers manufacturers, CPCB and the Centre.

Supreme Court earlier said that there is a requirement to take into consideration all aspects comprising the fundamental right of livelihood of firecrackers manufacturers and health of about 1.3 billion people. On 8th August apex court said that a spike in PM 2.5 levels in the air was noted down and it is actually a serious problem. This condition can lead to many serious health implications as the matter remains in people’s lungs.

Earlier firecrackers manufacturers also requested Supreme Court not to ban the use of crackers this Diwali entirely, instead it should be strictly regulated. Firecrackers manufacturers also told the Supreme Court that crackers are no solely responsible for rising pollution problem during Diwali. Many other factors also contribute equally to reach it to make it reach a high level.

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