Tanushree Dutta filed case against Nana Patekar for sexual harassment

Tanushree Dutta filed a case
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Last Updated on October 12, 2018 by admin

On late Wednesday Tanushree Dutta filed a complaint against Nana Patekar for allegedly sexually harassed her in 2008. She filed the complaint at the Oshiwara police station against Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya, Sameer Siddiqui, and Rakesh Sarang.

Former beauty queen Tanushree Dutta blamed Nana Patekar last month of sexual harassment. This incident happened in 2008 at the sets of Horn OK Pleasss and was also brought out in media at that time. Sadly industry remained silent on this matter at that time when she blamed when she faced first level harassment accusations.

Tanushree Dutta with an interview with media recounted that Nana Patekar misbehaved with her on the sets. She added that ‘He called MNS, i.e. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena party and bashed my car. He was very well supported by Ganesh Acharya, the director, and producer.’

A recent interview by Tanushree Dutta in which she supposed that #MeToo movement can never turn up in our country because of industry’s hypocrisy. This interview although refreshed the discussions regarding the allegations and unsavoury experience of her.

Tanushree Dutta said that ‘I always hoped for an apology from all of them including Nana Patekar and choreographer Ganesh Acharya who supported him. Along with them, director Rakesh Sarang and producer Sami Siddiqui was also an accomplice in this matter.’

What exactly happened in 2008 with Tanushree Dutta?

In 2008 a similar complaint was filed by Tanushree Dutta against the actor. She clarified all that happened at during the shooting of the song. She said that was a solo song which was only picturised on her. She mentioned all cleanly well that she will not at any cost enact any vulgar or uncomfortable steps. On the fourth day of the shooting, Nana Patekar’s behaviour was very uncomfortable and inappropriate towards her. He grabbed her by the arms and pushing her all around on the base that he was teaching her some steps.

She clarified in her detail that ‘the time Nana Patekar touched her suddenly she felt uncomfortable and felt that he was outraged her modesty.’ Regarding the matter, she complains to the producer, choreographer as well as director hoping that they will handle the situation and after that everything would be fine. But she was surprised when she came to know that new steps had been introduced by choreographer Ganesh which were intimate and which includes touching of Nana Patekar.

After that the time she refused to do those steps, the producer threatened her to insult her. She also called her parents and manager to question on  Nana’s actions but the producer refused, and the only option left with her was to leave the studio. And after that, she filed a complaint against Nana Patekar with CINTAA in 2008 March.

An entire industry was a  partner in crime through silence

In 2008 after the allegations of Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar. He addressed a conference and said that he was highly surprised at the charges by the actress who was of my daughter’s age. He called allegations by Tanushree Dutta as an indecent behaviour.

In 2008 Nana Patekar said that ‘I have no idea regarding what made her say these things against me.  He continued and said that I have been the part of the film industry for more than 35 years and no one accused me of anything ever.’

Tanushree Dutta said that at that time her voice was suppressed back owing to Nana Patekar’s powerful position. In an interview with Zoom Tanushree Dutta supposed that ‘everybody knows about Nana Patekar disrespectful nature towards women. All know about his background that he had even beaten and molested actresses. Women have also been crude owing to his behaviour, but nothing had been published about it.’

How celebrities reacted on allegations by Tanushree Dutta?

After asking a question by a media person, Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan said “Naa to Mera Naam Nana Patekar hae, naa hee Tanushree Dutta. Kease Uttar Dun Mae apko is sawal ka? He said that neither I am Tanushree Dutta, not Nana Patekar, then how can I reply to this question?.”

On this matter, Aamir Khan said that ‘ without understanding the authenticity of details of the matter I don’t think I should comment. It is not appropriate for my part. However, I would say that whenever something like this occurs, it’s really very sad. ‘

Shruti Seth also hoped that Tanushree Dutta’s moment of stepping out and naming is the starting of the end of the sexual harassment in Bollywood now. She added that ‘ I also hope that more and more women find the courage to blame when they face such situations.’

Tanushree said that ‘ entire Bollywood industry saw what happened but there was not an even single person comes for my support. All remember my incident, and this was also on national TV for about three days. However today also there is silence regarding this matter.’



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