US To Deploy Army Troops Amid India-China Tension
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Last Updated on June 26, 2020 by admin

US Army Troops: For a long time, China has been in confrontation with many countries in Asia including India. On June 15, due to the deception of Indian soldiers, the dragon is knocking at the borders of many countries. Now the US has announced the deployment of its troops in Asia to stop China’s bullying.

Indian Armed Forces Given Full Freedom To Deal “Aggressively” With Chinese Attacks

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that in view of the growing threat from China to Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the US is reviewing the deployment of its troops around the world and deploying them in such a way to counter the People’s Liberation Army (Chinese Army) If there is any requirement as such.

Pompeo said that we will ensure that our deployment is such that the Chinese troops can be countered. We feel that this is the challenge of our time and we will make sure that we have all the resources available to deal with it.

He said that on the instructions of President Donald Trump, the deployment of troops is being reviewed and under this plan, United States is reducing the number of troops in Germany from 52 thousand to 25 thousand. Pompeo said the deployment of troops would be based on the ground reality.

He said, ‘American resources will be less in some places. There will be some other places too… I have just spoken about the danger of the Chinese Communist Party, so now there is a threat to India, a threat to Vietnam, a threat to Malaysia, Indonesia, a challenge to the South China Sea. ‘

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also lashed out at China over violent clashes between Indo-Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh. Recently he had said that China is adopting a shrewd attitude with its neighbors.

 In an online conference on democracy held in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mike Pompeo said that the People’s Liberation Army (Chinese Army) has created tension on the border with India, the world’s largest democracy.

The US has already deployed soldiers in Afghanistan since 9/11 attacks and If it’s interest in Asia invites military involvements then instead of tensions reducing there can be a sense of stalemate between India and China.

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