Vinod Dua- another name included in #Me Too Campaign

#Me Too Campaign
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Last Updated on October 15, 2018 by admin

Filmmaker Nishtha Jain accuses Vinod Dua, consulting editor at The Wire along with the host of Jan Gan Man Ki Baat. She accused him of an incident of sexual harassment stalking which was occurred in 1989.

After this accusation daughter of Vinod Dua, Mallika Dua, a very well known face on social media. She said that she was supporting the Me Too movement and also supported many voices. But in terms of her father, she will stand by him only. She also addressed a statement on Instagram to Nishitha Jain and said that ‘if at all my father is truly guilty as what you described; it is traumatic, unpredictable and painful.’

She promised to stand up against misogyny, bigotry and for survivors too. But ‘nothing gets to kill my vibe.’ She finished her post by adding that she would not let shamers hijack ideals, objectives, and purpose.

In the preceding ten days #Me Too  has gained much ground. Women from every field including the film industry, comedy scene, media and other professional areas sharing their stories of sexual harassment at the office. Yesterday all the way through Facebook post-Nishtha Jain alleged that in June 1989 she went for a job interview regarding new political satire based show with Vinod Dua. She said’ before I could settle myself he started telling a lewd sexual joke in his soft tone of voice and opened his mouth.’

She added that ‘Vinod Dua explained about the job and asked about my expectations. I quoted an amount 5000 rupees, which every graduate gets.’ After listening to the amount her reacted and said ‘Tumhari Aukat Kya hae?’ at that time I was stunned as I have faced sexual harassment early in my life, but this type of humiliation was very new to me.’

After few months Nishtha Jain said that she got a job at India Today’s video news magazine, News track. At that time Vinod Dua learned of this and waited for her outside her office at the time she was working late. Once he also tried o kiss her after she agreed to talk to him expecting an apology. But the time she entered his car assuming that he will apologize for his behaviour. Instead, he started slobbering her face. Somehow she managed and got into her office car and leave.

Nishtha even talked about this to her brother and her lawyer friend but did not think to follow this matter legally. She thought that people go to court for some serious crimes but how could she go for humiliation.

Why Nishtha Jain didn’t speak before but accused Vinod Dua now?

On asking that why she spoke regarding this now and had not taken a step before, she said how would I prove that somebody forcibly kissed me. In this case, you only have to take the woman’s word and have to believe her as there was no witness. On asking why she is speaking now regarding 26 years old matter, she replied’ today is also not an appropriate time to talk about this for me. I am in a middle of a shoot and a mid-career filmmaker. I know very well that it will cost me emotionally, mentally and professionally. However, this is the right time for the whole world to listen as the  Me Too Movement is in which any man can be a predator, and nearly all women are undergone such situation. According to her, today is the best time to speak out and to support women who are speaking about their experiences in public.


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