WHO Chief Medical Officer’s shocking statement- “No vaccine can be made for coronavirus!”

WHO Chief Medical Officer
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While the whole world is waiting for the coronavirus vaccine to be created, on the other hand, there is a statement by a Chief Medical Officer of the World Health Organization that has broken the world’s expectations. The WHO medical officer has told that no vaccine of coronavirus is going to be made and they have further told some important things about it, which you must know about.

Have you ever thought that the whole world should always wear masks? Humans are always visible at least 2 meters away. This has been possible only during the era of Coronavirus  Pandemic and now it is expected that we will have to make a habit of living with this virus even in the coming times.

We are constantly getting information from some health organization or medical institute that the coronavirus vaccine is ready, its human trials are still pending. How effective this claim of scientists can be proved, it will be known in the coming times only.

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In the midst of all this, there has been a recent statement by the Chief Medical Officer of WHO which may disappoint the people of the world. He has said during the television interview that no vaccine is currently being prepared for the coronavirus. Let’s know what he said next …..

Actually, in the meantime, news has started coming from all over the world, claiming that the coronavirus vaccine has been ready for human trials. Meanwhile, WHO’s Coronavirus Special Envoy team doctor David Nabarro has said, “We should not believe the things that are being claimed that the coronavirus vaccine is ready.”

He added, “It is not possible that once the coronavirus vaccine is ready, it can work properly on people all over the world in a few months and protect the victims from infection. They said that it can live among us just like HIV AIDS and we have to improve our habits only then we can avoid getting caught and infected by it. “

However, he has also expressed hope that the coronavirus may also become a vaccine but it will take a very long time. They believe that it is highly unlikely that any vaccine of the coronavirus will be able to effectively work on people around the world if we look at the current efforts. Dr. Ronan Glynn, deputy chief medical officer of Ireland’s Department of Health, has also made a similar statement, “We are currently living with the coronavirus for a long time to come and how long it will last is difficult to say.”

To avoid the coronavirus in the midst of all this, take all precautions very seriously. In India, infection cases have increased even faster after the lockdown 4.0 was relaxed. So take special care of your health and do not forget to follow the safety tips to avoid coronavirus.

Around one dozen countries including Israel, China, India, USA, and others are testing a prospected coronavirus vaccine and expect it to make it human use ready within next 3-4 months which clearly states the wait for the ultimate successful corona vaccine is long and even upon arrival it may not be useable by the whole world so till then we should learn to live with it.