WHO Declares For All -“We Have To Learn To Live With Covid-19”

Learn To Live With Covid-19
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Last Updated on May 22, 2020 by admin

Coronavirus cases are increasing worldwide. More than 43 lakh cases of COVID-19 have been reported so far. Nearly three lakh people have died. The World Health Organization has already declared the disease an epidemic. Now we had seen another sad advancement in the timeline of this ongoing worldwide pandemic. On Wednesday, the WHO warned that the coronavirus may never end and the world will have to learn to live with it.

Learn To Live With Covid-19: The WHO stated that coronavirus will not be completely eradicated. Michael Ryan, the organization’s director of emergency services, said in a press conference held in Geneva, “For the first time a new virus is entering the human population and therefore it is very difficult to predict when we will dominate it.” Corona can become just another endemic virus in our communities and it may never end.

He further said, ‘HIV has not ended but we have learned to live on conditions with that virus. Most countries have put a lockdown to protect against this virus, but WHO warned that there is no guarantee that it will not spread after this and we can get rid of this virus. For now, it will take a long time for the situation to become normal.

Michael Ryan also condemned the attacks on health workers in many countries of the world. He said that 35 cases of serious attacks on health workers were reported in 11 countries in April. Attacks on health workers are disappointing.

Significantly, Coronavirus is growing rapidly in countries around the world as well as in India. According to reports, the virus, which has spread in more than 180 countries, has taken nearly three lakh lives so far. More than 4.3 million people have been infected worldwide. The number of people infected with this virus in India has reached 78,003. In the last 24 hours, 3,722 new cases of corona have been reported and 134 people have died.

Immunity boosting measures: Recommended by Ministry of AYUSH

So far 2,549 people have died in the country, although 26,235 patients have also been successful in beating the disease. Its patients are coming from all the states of the country. On March 24, PM Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in the country due to the rescue from Corona.

After which, on April 14, the PM once again addressed the people of the country and informed them about the extension of the lockdown for 19 days. On May 3, this period was to end, but before that, the Home Ministry extended the lockdown for two weeks. Now it will remain in force till May 17, although the districts (Orange and Green Zone) which do not have Corona cases, the government has relaxed it a bit.

It is still not possible to say that we have to make a habit of living with the corona, or we will be able to find some solid medicine against it, which will be able to treat every corona patient in the world. At the moment we have to protect ourselves and at the same time, it is important to control ourselves in the war with Corona, because the war against Coronavirus has just started. Stay alert, Stay safe and Stay happy as with all storms this shall also pass by, just hold on world fellas.