Nirbhaya once again – A tribal woman gang-raped

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Last Updated on October 22, 2018 by admin

On Sunday, 21 October, a 28-year-old tribal woman gang-raped in West Bengal’s South Dinajpur. The victim had gone to the local fair when she dragged away by some men and gang-raped her under a bridge. This shocking incident brings back Nirbhaya rape case of December 2012. Just like that scandal, this tribal woman is raped by an alleged relative in a land dispute.

She is a tribal woman in West Bengal’s South Dinajpur district who is mentally challenged. The accused also inserted an iron rod into her genitals and bare hands into her private parts. She was hospitalized in Jalpaiguri Sadar hospital, and her condition is still fragile.

As per police officials tribal woman allegedly raped by her relative near a pond on Saturday night. A rickshaw driver saw her and brought her home.

What all happened?

Ratnu Munda and Parimal Roy were the two accused who allegedly invited victim’s husband for a liquor party around 8 pm in Lebu Bagan area. Her husband was unwilling and refused. However, they took him forcibly and told him to settle the past dispute. It was 10 pm when he did not return, the woman went out to look for him and found him in an intoxicated condition. The accused took advantage of this situation and dragged her to a close by busy and gang-raped her.  After raping her, they tortured her by putting an iron rod in her private limbs. She also clarified that there was another person along with the accused, but he was not involved.

According to vice-chairman of Jalpaiguri Municipality, Rajesh Kumar Singh,’ accused inserted a small rod in her private parts. I arranged for an ambulance, and now she is under treatment, stable and recovering.’ As per the police accused relative along with his companion were under arrest and being interrogated.

As per sources, the woman has sustained severe injuries on her vagina owing to the gang-raped she faced along with this she also got injuries in a section of her intestine too. Superintendent of the Malda Medical College, Dr. Amit Dawn, supposed that a team of surgeons and gynecologists has been instituted to supervise the condition of the woman.

On the other hand, Sunanda Mukherjee, West Bengal State Women’s Commission chairperson described this incident as ‘shocking’ .she demanded punishment for the accused. Also, Budhan Hembrom, Adibashi Samaj and Lok Shilpi Platform president alleged if the accused are not arrested and punished them will begin a mass agitation. However one accused have detained, other men who were involved in the crime were to be figured out.


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