Xi Jinping Loses Control Grip Over Communist Party, As Cover-Up China Clashes With India At LAC

China Clashes With India
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Last Updated on June 17, 2020 by admin

China Clashes With India: Chinese President Xi Jinping has weakened his own grip over the Chinese Communist Party due to the spread of the Corona epidemic in the country and the subsequent widespread economic depression. The violent clash with India on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) appears to be part of a conspiracy to project Xi as a strong leader. The image, carefully modeled by state-controlled media and propaganda machinery shows a strong nation from above under China’s decisive leader Xi Jinping, but the truth is far from it.

Analyzing China’s aggressive behavior in recent times, Adam Nee, a Chinese affairs expert and co-founder of China Neocon, said that some people are maliciously promoting China as a world superpower

He said that the Chinese Communist Party is completely obsessed with maliciousness. Its leaders insist on establishing world domination, while the reality is that China is divided into pieces. Only the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party are contradictory. They are simply forcibly holding each other in hard times.

Scott Kennedy, an expert in Chinese economics and business at the Center for Strategic, said that the Chinese Communist Party has ordered all leaders to be active to compensate for the damage done to the country’s image due to the Corona epidemic. Due to this, Chinese leaders are seen protecting the social interests of China in large numbers these days. He also said that the growth rate that China has talked about is untenable in many cases.

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 As a cover-up for this China has taken a planned strategy to have border clashes with India. On Monday (15 June) night, there was a violent clash between Chinese and Indian armies during the de-escalation process when suddenly the Chinese army started attacking the Indian soldiers with barbered wire sticks and stones after which the Indian army reacted with strong action.  Our 3 army personnel got martyred while 5 Chinese soldiers were killed while 11 got injured.

Since morning today, Major level talks between China-India happened for 6 hours where interestingly China approached India first for the talk. Experts believe the situation is dynamic there and both nations should resolve the border tension through talks and refrain from any military action.

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