Reasons which possibility the defeat of Modi Government in 2019 Lok Sabha elections 
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Last Updated on October 20, 2018 by admin

For 2019 Lok Sabha elections, a formidable alliance of opposition parties can be stitched jointly to defeat Modi government.  There are very strong chances of uniting of all opposition parties you end up Modi being a single term prime minister. PM Modi might be winning on Facebook, Twitter, or many more social media grounds but in the real world, the odds are against. For 2019 Lok Sabha elections in case opposition unite then it will not be easy for PM Narendra Modi because of following issues:

The hopes given by Modi government to people were so huge that people are now disgruntled. People as a whole have not forgotten those promises and catchy slogans which have not and can never be fulfilled by Modi government.

1. Farmers and labourers vs. Modi

The condition of farmers and labourers are getting worst. You cannot make them understand at any cost unless they get some kind of benefits on a personal level or else governed schemes. The issue that can be raised by opposition parties is that Modi had not done much for them.  Labourers and farmers don’t need crop insurance instead require crop prices.  Unemployment is at the, and they will not vote seeing smart cities and bullet train.

On the other hand, demonetization hit them hard. In case the game is in between Modi government Vs. Farmers or rural labourers then the game will be over for sure.

2. Joblessness along with agrarian sorrow

Modi government’s prank exposed when the creation of paltry twenty lakh jobs is done instead fulfilling a promise to create two crore new jobs a year. However, IT and retail sectors are actually cutting down their workforces. The farmers protest crosswise states which also includes Kisan Long March bought up agrarian sorrow to the forefront. Modi government failed to offer minimum support up prices, waive off farm loans and much more.

3. Worsen social harmony index of Modi government

There are many issues country faced under Modi government and which worsens the social harmony index. Some trivial issues include cow vigilantism, Love Jihad, Padmavati and many more. On the other hand attacks on Dalits in many states also led increased Dalit disenchantment with present dispensation. Coming up of Akhilesh, Mayawati and Lalu Prasad under the same umbrella can harm BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

4. Foreign policy breakdown along with border battle

Under Modi rule, India failed to persuade against China getting entrenched in the Doklam region. India also failed to win over Nepal following suicidal economic barrier of the landlocked Himalayan nation. Country on the other hand also failed to raise large-scale investments room abroad in spite of all endless tries of Modi abroad.  As it can be seen that the Modi government also failed to stop Pakistani violations along the LOC. It leads to a higher number of Indian soldiers getting killed on the border since last four years.

5. Too many enemies of Modi

The defeat of Modi government in 2019 Lok Sabha elections is possible as he made many enemies. It is very difficult to deal with too many enemies both in and outside the party. He tried to play the Hindu card by combining Hindu votes and due to this he many too many enemies for himself.  The most recent defeat of Modi government in by-polls in UP proved this that it is a possibility of Modi government to lapse 2019 Lok Sabha elections this time. Unless PM Modi, do something magical to reverse the thinking of people which is now against him.

BJP has entirely failed to connect with a common man, and all the promises done by Modi government were turned out to be a big lie as well as jhumlas. In case the opposition unites then there is the possibility of BJP to lose 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and the party will be restricted to just 100 seats.


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