Achievements of the Modi government to campaign for coming back in power again?
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Last Updated on October 11, 2018 by admin

Since the time Modi government come into power, one goal was fixed by it that is to guarantee India’s development. From that time only the government is working on its Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and continuing to do so till date.

There are some tremendous achievements on several fronts such as foreign relations, infrastructure, and economy.  There is a strong chance of Modi government to return back in 2019 Lok Sabha elections in terms of pace of road constructions, ports, and waterways developments. Let us see the major achievements of Modi government which increase their chances to win 2019 Lok Sabha elections:

Building a strong economy

PM Modi had proved himself to be a great supporter of economic movement and build a strong economy. This is recognized to be one of the topmost achievements of the Modi government. His foreign tours brought a lot of investment with Japan and started the first bullet train projects in India. The Indian economy has been progressing with more than 7 percent rate which makes it one of the most positive sign to come back again in 2019 elections.

Improvement in International relations

One of the topmost Modi achievements is regarding the foreign policy. In spite of so much criticism by opposition party regarding Modi’s foreign tours, it is a fact that Modi’s tours made a lot of friends for India. Narendra Modi made friends with some most significant diplomats worldwide. Our country has extended its financial assistance to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh along with Afghanistan. South Asian satellite launch has also been including in India’s plan list to become next Asian superpower.

Change in outlook on serious issues

Before Modi government, India was considered to be a defensive country with a primary objective to maintain peace, but this attitude changed after 2014. PM Modi showed some aggressive way to deal with critical issues. Incidents that our country faced like surgical strikes in Pak occupied Kashmir along with it annihilating Pakistan bases bestow a hint of it. Pm Modi also came face to face regarding the issues involving Arunachal Pradesh and Dalai Lama with the Chinese government. Recently concluded Doklam standoff is one more incident where India showed its confrontation and refused to give up. This is a truth that Under Modi government India started to take its stand and is also well prepared now to handle and face any issue in future.

Digital India

Modi government made many initiatives to impact the common people directly. Make in India was one such announcement to guarantee that MNCs start their plans in India which leads to generating employment and contributing Indian economy. This make in India proved to be great, and many countries signed great deals with particular state governments as well as central governments to enhance FDI in addition to employment. Digital India initiative made way for future and attracted many citizens in the mainstream economy.

The clean image of Modi government

Indian politics is considered as corrupt as the earlier government had faced many sensitive issues l and scandals such as Coalgate, 2G spectrum and CWG.  However, the Modi government has a clean image till date as they have not faced any such corruption charges. One big Modi achievements include the work done by politicians with commitment. PM Modi had not approved a single day leave of his team in his tenure. Some ministers such as Sushma Swaraj directly communicate t people via social media platforms.

Swachh Bharat scheme

Modi government gave importance to Swachh Bharat issue in spite of criticism by many people. This Swachh Bharat moment has picked up momentum, and bigger cities started to understand the value of cleanliness. In contrast to past nowadays railway stations and all other public places are on their way towards cleanliness which is said to be the one of the best achievement of PM Modi.

Main focus on rural India

Modi government started one of the most appreciated, i.e. Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojna. This scheme was widely appreciated and the way central government involved the general public by querying them to offer subsidies to assist and support rural women. Many other schemes were also started such as Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna, Krishi Sinchai Yojna, and Sukanya Samridhi Yojna which focus to increase the living standard of life of rural India. Most recent task done by Modi government was to declare the electrification of 100 percent Indian villages.

Hard-hitting stand on major issues

There were some hard-hitting stands taken by Modi government on some major issues like Supreme Court announced Triple talaq unconstitutional and also ordered the government to bring up law within six months. With this declaration Muslim approaches with the open support of the government.

Crackdown on corruption and black money

PM Modi had been taken many actions against corruption and black money. With his announcement on demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees notes cracked down the flow of black money. Tough rules and regulations in terms of black money shiver down the spine of numerous people who have come under one platform. The Modi government also carried out legislations such as the Benami property act and Imposition of Tax act brought in to avoid corruption.

National Health Protection Scheme

NHPS, i.e. National Health Protection Scheme was considered as one of the boldest steps taken by the Modi government. It offers medical insurance cover of about 5 lakh to 500 million low-income Indians.  This scheme is budgeted approximately 10000 crore rupees annually. On the other hand, setting up of rural tertiary healthcare was also appreciated by all. This scheme was launched with the main objective to offer healthcare coverage for serious illness. This scheme not only offers high quality of healthcare service to poor class but also has a transformational effect on healthcare infrastructure in India.

It is very much proved that it needs the courage to follow on specified decisions and Modi government proved it many times that it has enough. The government gave hope to citizens by making them realize their major roles and responsibilities.










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