Yes!! your being selective harms society… reply to Swara Bhasker
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Swara Bhasker, You are a known celebrity, many youths follow you on social media not because you are an intellectual, actually, you are a gorgeous Bollywood actress. Being an actress and celebrity you have a moral responsibility towards society.

Yes!! your being selective harms society….

1. Being selective you are indirectly proclaiming that one community is dominated by other community. This creates ruckus in society and may lead to major social violence.

2. Delhi Mukherjee Nagar’s case took a communal angle, forced police and government to work accordingly. And you are doing the same thing.
Raising voice for a particular community only gives it communal colors.

3. Being Selective you are accusing the police of being biased, in the aim of your hidden political agenda. By which people will not trust on police and system that is why Mr. Vipul Aggarwal reacted.

4. Being selective you pretended of raising voice for women against rape in Ashifa case, and you forgot Twinkle Sharma (3 Yr old girl abducted, raped & brutally murdered by Zahid in Aligarh.), and many other brutal rape cases of Hindu girls.

Instead of being unbiased, you stand with only one community and poisoning in society. Finding out anti-social elements and keeping an eye on them can be considered as one of the functions of IPS.

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