Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict & Russian Peace

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict & Russian Peace
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The decade of 2010s led to the Arab Spring. It triggered the fall of many governments. Countries like Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria faced the heat. And, this is continuing at the start of the second decade. This time Azerbaijan and Armenia took it to another level. Azerbaijan, which hosted UNESCO’s 43rd Summit, became a part of the war. It was due to the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh it has with Armenia. Both have already burst into a war-like situation in the year 1988.

Conflicting Region

Nagorno-Karabakh is the “Kosovo” of Azerbaijan. It is a part of Azerbaijan territory. But, it carries the ethnicity of Armenian background. Like Kosovo, it has tried to showcase its autonomous character. In 1988, the Nagorno-Karabakh Parliament passed an order to transfer the entire landscape to Armenia. Azerbaijan (then a part of the USSR ) rejected the resolution. As a result, it triggered a massive outbreak of violence. The referendum in 1991 and the collapse of the USSR failed to stop the violence. So, it spread in the major Azerbaijani cities of Baku, Gugark, Sumgait, etc. The declaration of peace in 1994 finalized the ceasefire. It restored the disputed territories to Azerbaijan. But, the flares of avenge was burning in Armenia.

Short-lived 2020

Like 20-20, the conflict was short-lived this year. But, it brought ample support for Azerbaijan. Because of the help of Turkey, Azerbaijan was strong. Yet, the support of Turkey is like increasing its influence. It also seems that Turkey is trying to impose hegemony in the region. Also, the Republic of Artsakh, the “Kurds of Azerbaijan-Armenia”, got aid from Armenia. Both of the groups announced martial law. The drone technology of Azerbaijan helped them to defeat Armenia. Hence, the war has presented the first usage of modern warfare.

Aftermath of Conflict

“The Diary of a Young Girl” pitches the perfect caricature of any war. It states: “I could spend hours telling you about the suffering the war has brought, but I’d only make myself more miserable. All we can do is wait, as calmly as possible, for it to end. Jews and Christians alike are waiting, the whole world is waiting, and many are waiting for death.” The war took the lives of civilians and military personnel. Also, cultural spots targeted to muzzle the animosity. The Azerbaijani forces bombed the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral. Apart from this, there were reports of a surge of the COVID-19 cases in the disputed region.

Re-establishing Peace

A Russian brokered- Peace Treaty got formalized on 9th November 2020. With this, Russia will mark its significance after the Indo-Pak 1965 War. It established a ceasefire from 10th November 2020. Also, the Armenian captured-Agdam district went back to Azerbaijan. The Russian and Turkish contingent will deploy their peacekeeping military personnel. And, the internally displaced refugees will return to their places.

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