The India Way Book Review: Reviewing India International Dynamics

The India Way Book Review
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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many on-going trends. In the international system, it displayed a new global world order that is trying to establish itself. The big giants pushed for proper investigation for the birth of the virus. Such statements infuriated many foreign delegates that hampered many bilateral relations. Also, the international arena witnessed many mishaps leading to tensions at many borders. So, it is essential to understand India to consolidate its position when uncertainty is trying to demolish ethical humanity. India should not be like Henry Kissinger‘s the USA or Boris Yelstin‘s Russia. It is right to build its soft power. And, to pitch the same, our Minister Of External Affairs, Shri S. Jaishankar has come up with his new book “The India Way.” The India Way displays the current global situation and what strategy India would take.

Two Most Surprising Factors

According to the book, for the past few years, two surprising incidents have happened. Firstly, the USA is disrupting the ideologies of multilateralism. The USA has been using the scrupulous methodology to scrap itself out of many international bodies like UNESCO, Paris Climate Agreement, Iran Nuclear Deal, etc. These steps have somewhere created a dent that is nowhere equivalent to Jack Sparrow’s opportune moment. The chapter ” Art of Disruption” talks about the same. Secondly, the rise of China is one of the surprising factors. According to the author, what could have been USSR or modern Russia, was superseded by China. China’s mythological and old historical concepts are letting it run its carnage all around wherever it feels it has to demolish.

Curious World & Curious Alliance

The author believes that on one side India is using RIC, SCO, and the BRICS to build strong relations with China and Russia, while on the other side, it is Quad and JAI to enforce its equation with the USA. India should act like that there is no bipolar world or no one can build its hegemony. The world should be multipolar to stabilize peace. And, to build a multipolar world, multilateralism is a need. Apart from this, there should be zero promotion of unilateralism. So, the author feels that the world can inject peace and harmony by keeping unique alliances that can work towards collectivism.

How’s South Block Working?

Indian foreign policy is very organic. It passed a long set of PM and their regime who added new elements to it. From Nehru to Indira, from Vajpayee to Narsimha, India kept a dynamic stance. And, in the new millennium, it is trying to bring more accords into place to build relations. When India felt that Pakistan’s course of action is not going to change, India shifted its focus from SAARC to BIMSTEC. India uses SAARC when it sees that India can be like a big brother and help the neighbors. Today, when the pandemic encircled all of us, India used the multilateral platform all the time. Without mentioning the evils of expansionists and terrorists, India is enforcing a stronghold. Sitting in the South Block, one can imagine what it means to pitch India in the global world order.


Indian stature – the seat of one of the oldest civilizations is ready to take its position. But, a lot depends on how it tackles the conflicting elements. India is rising to increase soft power. There is a space to showcase this soft power by showing frugal diplomacy. Since independence, many statesmen of modern times have governed this country. Hence, we were able to present our unique position. But, with global dynamics, a pre-planned strategy may fall apart.

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