Why has China started singing peace tunes after the war chords first?

Why has China started war
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Last Updated on May 28, 2020 by admin

China, People’s Republic of China, or to say that the Red Dragon is trapping the whole world in the direction of its expansionist and aggressive attitude. It is clear that it no longer wants peace and harmony.

Since being blamed for the corona epidemic, it has taken off its fake image, but it has aggressively kept two steps ahead while taking 4 steps backward on the backfoot after being struck on the global political spectrum.

What does China want? President Xi Jinping has ordered the country’s military to be ready for war. It is directly colliding with India, the proof of which was found when it intensified it’s army’s presence and activities in the Line of Action (LAC) area of ​​Ladakh since last week.

India Counters China Strongly On Ladakh LAC Via Troops Deployment

When Prime Minister Modi convened an emergency meeting of the army chiefs and the National Security Council, China’s intimidating tactics came to a halt and by yesterday evening his ambassador wrote a diplomatic talk of peace and cooperation in mutual relations, making its offensive stand immediately defensive and it’s fueled partner Nepal has also changed its agenda stance. After all, if China had to fight, why would it not go to war? It only comes to threaten and intimidate and this Red Dragon proclaims himself to be terrible without fire.

Now the question arises in front of it that after all why did China start singing the melody of peace after the fight? So the reason behind this is the immediate change in the geopolitics of the world which has completely cut off China at the world level and since then China is showing such a rapture that it does not know what to do. How to take action and that too in which definitive direction.

Just as the state of Kashmir is a very sensitive and sovereign issue for India similarly for China, there are not one but several areas which it calls special autonomous areas, whereas the truth is that it has forcibly taken over and disputed them. Even after being questioned China keeps giving them it’s own name in the name of “One China” principle which is totally undemocratic.

The most sensitive of these areas is Hong Kong, where the movement against the Communist government of China is fast for the restoration of democracy and now even the US Secretary of State has given an official statement declaring Hong Kong as “free country”. This is the first time in 3 decades that a major country has considered Hong Kong as a separate nation. In fact, this is America’s new strategy, which seeks to weaken the disputed territories of China by raising the issue of independence, the reason behind which is the Red Dragon being responsible for the coronavirus.

In the same episode, an MP from the Republican Party of US President Donald Trump has introduced in Parliament the bill declaring Tibet as a separate nation which is another blow on China and if India also supports it as expected then surely no one will be able to stop the fall of China, and the video conference of two MPs of India in the swearing-in of Taiwan’s new President Tsai Ing-wen last week has also clearly shown that China has been attacked by the Coronavirus on the world. By doing so It has triggered its own suicide button.

Now, it can be understood with full clarity that why China is suddenly showing aggression and is suddenly competing with many nations simultaneously so strongly which is definitely out of frustration led to panic. This confrontation with various nations is on the military, diplomatic, business and political basis but perhaps It has forgotten that there is a fire in its own house and if it competes with other countries, then this fire will also come from outside and the Red Dragon will be finished at last.

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